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Only the saddle is my office chair, and the wide open view consists of the 4 walls of my office and the coffee area just outside my door, and I’m still having to blow my nose 20 times an hour.

What, you might wonder, felled this mighty warrior of words? What cut her down and condemned her to 4 days in bed?  It was the common cold.

Although I don’t think there’s anything particularly common about a cold. This one started with an uncommonly painful 2-day sore throat, such a bad one that by Thursday (the first day I stayed home), I couldn’t talk. That meant, of course, that Joe called me every few hours just to chat.  I also had uncommonly uncomfortable leg aches on Thursday night. I was worried I was headed for a bout of influenza, so I was relieved (ha!) that it was just a cold. I was uncommonly congested, and my ears were uncommonly stuffed up (I don’t know why I say they “were” stuffed up, as they still are). But Mucinex and Nyquil got me through it. I’m still snotty (in the mucousy way, not the bit-cah way), and I’d dearly love to be in bed sleeping. However, I doubt I’m still contagious and I needed to be back at work today.

And what, you might ask, did I do to amuse myself while I was at home, sick and miserable?

Well, go ahead and ask. I don’t mind. Tra la la la la.

Okay. Since you were so kind as to ask, I slept rather a lot. I Twittered a bit. I watched a variety of British mysteries courtesy of Netflix–I love their watch instantly thingamabob. I got to enjoy a sight of the young James McAvoy in an Inspector Lynley mystery. I griped silently, because my throat hurt too much to gripe aloud. And then Saturday evening, feeling a bit better but not enough to do anything productive, and having watched all the Roderick Alleyn mysteries and all the Inspector Lynley mysteries and all the Lady Bradley mysteries that were available to watch instantly, and not in the mood for Dexter, I decided to watch an episode of Doctor Who.

I’ve never watched Doctor Who before. And the episode I chose to watch was complete bosh. Horrible, I tells ya! Absolutely awful! And I was just about to turn it off after laughing myself silly (in a hoarse voice because of the cold), when Joe walked into the room and told me that I was watching the wrong Doctor. Because apparently there were a lot of Doctors. So we turned to Wikipedia and found his favourite Doctor, and I watched all but the first two episodes of Season 16 (I think.) And then I did some Googling and Wiki-ing, and saw that there was a new Doctor that started a few years ago. I watched the first three episodes of that incarnation, and really liked them, and then it was 3 a.m. on Sunday and I really needed some sleep. When I woke back up, I vowed that I was going to watch the rest of that season. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending upon one’s perspective, not all the episodes of that season were available to watch instantly, so I was able to achieve my objective. Holy cow! That’s a really good show! Joe’s favourite doctor remains Tom Bradley, but I seriously have a thing for Christopher Eccleston (the 9th doctor). He has this great grin of excited anticipation as he watches things unfold.

Okay. Enough. Cool down, Faith.

Sorry about that. Anyway, that’s my grand and glorious weekend. (Oh, I did manage to read 4 or 5 books on Saturday afternoon while it was raining and Joe was napping, and we didn’t have much rain at all from Ike, despite Joe’s frenetic preparations, and both dogs are well although Scout keeps using the inside of the house as his personal toilet.) I hope you all had great weekends as well.  And please, stay away from the uncommon cold. It’s so not fun. But if you do get sick, and you have Netflix, do yourself a favour and spend some time with the Doctor.


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Yep, I survived the holidays. Barely. I’ve been severely congested in both nostrils, which, oddly enough, makes breathing incredibly difficult.  I’ve been taking several different OTC remedies in an attempt to (a) thin the mucus and/or (b) knock me out so I could get some rest, to no avail. The OTC nasal spray helped for a while, but the instructions state clearly that it should not be used for more than 3 days, and yesterday was day 4. So I caved and made a doctor’s appointment for later on today.

Joe got called out of state, and had to catch an early morning flight today. It kind of jacked up his holidays, since he spent half the day on Christmas Eve and much of Christmas Day preparing for the trip (making travel arrangements, packing, studying up on the system he’ll be working on). So he’s been really stressed. The combination of his stress, and all the chocolate he ate, and my being sick made for a rocky Christmas.

Saturday with the incomparable Izzybella, L-squared, and Jehara was just lovely, though. They came over around 3ish, and we had a LOT of fun. A couple of pictures will be posted as soon as I get them uploaded. We feasted on turkey and all the trimmings, courtesy of my office, and played a game, and blabbed and opened gifts and just generally had a great time.

I went to do a bit more shopping on Monday, and also ventured out at last to see Sweeney Todd. Spin Doc wanted a review of the movie, so here’s my stab at said review: You’ll probably want to wait quite a while before eating a pasty or a meat pie again, for starters. The scene where Mrs. Lovett sings about the worst meat pies in town was just disgusting, and it got worse from there. The sets, costumes, and makeup were utterly delightful. Everything, with the exception of Mrs. Lovett’s fantasy about life by the sea and the lovely Johanna, is grim, dirty, and very unpleasant. The acting was fantastic, as was the singing. Johnny Depp–wow!  And Helena Bonham Carter was made to play this role, so I’m glad she got the chance to do so. Alan Rickman was as yummy as ever, despite his sleazy domineering character, and Timothy Spall was as ratlike as ever. (On a sidenote, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see him without thinking of Wormtail/Scabbers.) The young woman who played Johanna was so poignant in her role, particularly when she was expressing her sure knowledge to the naive innocent Anthony that life doesn’t go on happily ever after. So if you’ve got a strong stomach, go see the film. You’ll enjoy it, in a twisted sort of way. It was just amazingly well done, so Tim Burtonesque, and I really am glad I saw it.

And Izzybella came over early on Christmas morning for stockings and gifts, and, again, it was truly lovely. We had a great time. All the gifts were a great hit. Dinner with Dad and the Monster yesterday was nice, but we had to leave sooner than usual so Joe could continue preparing to leave this morning.

So all is well in my corner of the world–or will be, once I can breathe clearly again–and I hope it is well with you.

By the way, kudos and many thanks to Izzybella for seasons 5, 6, and 7 of Buffy! Woot! I watched Once More With Feeling and Tabula Rasa last night, and once I get home from the doctor’s office, I plan to fully immerse myself in every episode of Buffy that I’ve been hungering to watch. Expect lots of Spike-y goodness. Rrrorwl!

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and I am sick again. I got sick at Thanksgiving, and I’m sick now at Christmas. I think I must be allergic to holidays. If I get a cold for Valentine’s Day, that will confirm my theory.  I’m horribly congested, and can’t sleep if I lay down. So when I get home tonight I’m going to crawl into bed and try to sleep sitting up with the wonderful cushion I got at Thanksgiving. And I’ll whimper and whinge and complain. Because I’ve got a lovely 4-day weekend ahead of me and I’ve got a $&%*$#@!! cold again. Snarl.

But on the positive side, I’ve got a lovely 4-day weekend ahead of me, and Sweeney Todd is out. I may brave the wrath of my fellow movie-goers and go see it tonight or tomorrow (yes, I’ll take my tissues and hand sanitizer with me).  Joe’s in town, and barring any unforeseen emergencies that call him away, he’ll be here until after the New Year. I get to hang out with my peeps on Sunday and possibly see Sweeney Todd. And on Christmas Day I’ll see the parental units and eat Joe’s superlative mashed potatoes.

Man, I feel sorry for you guys who don’t live around here and can’t come eat Joe’s superlative mashed potatoes. I mean, yeah, Honeybaked ham and turkey are great, but without Joe’s mashed potatoes they’re just ordinary.

I’ll probably not get online much over the weekend, so if I’m not back before Christmas, know that I’m wishing you the happiest.

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It’s Saturday

and I’m still feeling dang puny.  I spent most of Thanksgiving day in bed trying in vain to sleep. I made it to the restaurant to have dinner with the parental units and the incomparable Izzybella, and then went back home to try once more, in vain, to sleep.  But every time I would almost be asleep, the stuff gurgling in my nasal cavities would gurgle loudly and I’d stop breathing and wake up. So sleep was far too elusive for my druthers.

I woke up at 5 a.m. on Black Friday, so I figured I might as well do something productive. Sorry, Chicory, I didn’t see your post until after I’d already shopped. I didn’t spend gobs of money or anything, but I did do some shopping, mainly for Joe. Some things I wanted to get for him were marked down to ridiculously low prices, so that was nice. And then the incomparable Izzybella and I went to Barnes & Noble, the movies, Pizzeria Uno, Target, and then home.

I slept last night, oddly enough, thanks in part to some medicine that the Monster recommended and in part to the cushion I bought that lets me sleep sitting up.  So while I don’t necessarily feel any better, which is bad, I also don’t feel any worse, which is great! And as long as I don’t have to use my voice today (because talking hurts very badly), I am hopeful that I’ll get up tomorrow feeling even better.

That would be a very good thing, indeed!

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  1. Strep throat. Seriously. It sucketh. In the past 3 1/2 days, I’ve sucked down more juice, more throat spray, more numbing throat lozenges–not to mention penicillin–than any person ought to. I’m just sayin’.
  2. I’m an English major. Seriously. Know how I know? Huh? ‘Cause we’ve got a new person at work named Charlotte P. and I had to send her an e-mail and I automatically sent it to Charlotte Perkins. When the server said that there is no one here named Charlotte Perkins, I went and looked up her last name. Of course it wasn’t Perkins. It was something else that starts with a P. And if you’re not an English major and aren’t following the significance here, Charlotte Perkins Gilman was an incredible writer, probably best remembered for her short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper.”
  3. I should have stayed home today. But I was feeling better, and knew how much work would be piled on my desk and knew I didn’t really have any additional time to take off since I have to be off on 11/19 & 11/20. I wasn’t thinking that feeling better when you’re lying around reading, sleeping, and watching movies is a far cry from feeling better when you’re at work dealing with people who make you wanna cry, scream, and cuss all at once.
  4. The clutch went out on our Rodeo, so it’s in the shop. If Joe weren’t in town, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, not only is he in town, but he’s in school this week. That means he drove me to work this morning and I’m a captive here until he gets out of class to come back and take me home. I really loathe being dependent upon others for my transportation. I didn’t get to the library on Saturday because, yeah, strep throat, and so I’m totally out of books. And I’m dying for a library fix. I’m hoping he gets out of class early enough today that he can pick up the Rodeo–assuming, of course, that it’s ready to be picked up today–so that I can drive myself to work tomorrow and go to the library during lunch.
  5. I was craving lo mein yesterday, so I made some. I wasn’t working from a recipe, but it still turned out pretty dang good. I had a can of chow mein vegetables, and I drained the liquid into the pot I cooked my noodles in. I cooked about 1/2 box of high-fiber/high-protein angel hair pasta. While it was cooking, I sauteed some sliced yellow onion and a heaping spoonful of minced garlic in some sesame oil. Then I added the chow mein vegetables and some tamari sauce. I let that all sizzle together while the pasta finished. Then I put in the drained pasta, tossed it all together, and there it was! Easy, fast, and really tasty. When Joe heard I was making lo mein, he said it was nasty greasy stuff. But when he tasted the results, he ate three bowlsful. I barely had enough to save for today’s lunch.
  6. I’m also having serious tofu cravings, so tonight’s dinner will be a stir-fry with tofu and rice. Joe has thus far steadfastly refused to eat any tofu, so I’m curious as to whether he’ll actually eat it tonight or pick it out of his bowl. We’ll see.
  7. Joe dragged me to the movies on Saturday night, and we saw Fred Claus. I liked it. Not as much or in the same way I liked Across the Universe, but I did like it.
  8. I missed Regina Spektor. I think that’s why I was the most upset about the strep throat. But Joe went, and took a few photos with my camera phone, and got me a tee shirt. He said it was totally sold out, and he gave my ticket away to a group of people that had tickets but brought another friend along, not realizing it was sold out. So somebody benefited from my getting sick.
  9. My company set up an arrangement with a dry cleaning company where they come pick up our clothes and bring them back here. So no more trips to the dry cleaners. I appreciate that!!

I’m truly in a foul mood–have been writing bits and pieces of this in between getting other stuff done. But now I’ve got to get back to the other stuff.

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I still feel crappy. Not bad enough to stay home from work, but bad enough to wish I had. I’ve got plenty of Odwalla C Monsters, soups, juice, etc. No, Mom, I haven’t had too much sugar.  I have, however, been incredibly stressed & depressed. So that could have my immune system perhaps working a little less than optimal.


When I got home yesterday, Joe hadn’t yet gone to the grocery store and gotten my C Monsters or soup. So we went together. Wow. When I go by myself, I might spend $30-$40. I won’t say just how much we spent, but it was a LOT more. I got a couple of C Monsters, 4 cans of soup. He went nuts with the Amy’s and another brand of soup, and got me all kinds of lovely vegan and vegetarian soups. They were more expensive than my Progresso soups, know what I mean? I’m not complaining–I’ll definitely enjoy them. Well, most of them anyway. But more on that in a moment.

When we got to the frozen section, because I wanted some frozen fruit bars for sore throat relief, he suddenly frantically said that we needed to get some meat substitutes because he had to cook or he was going to go crazy! So I showed him where the vegetarian frozen stuff was, and he threw a Quorn turkey roast into the cart (I’ve never had this before–if any of you had, I’d appreciate hearing your opinions), along with some veggie meatballs and some Morningstar veggie crumbles. On our way out of the store, I showed him where the tofu and the uncooked hamburger substitute are. He picked up a package of some veggie lunchmeat substitute, and started going on about how too much soy isn’t good for people (?!?). Ok-ay then. Bless his heart, he’s really trying. I’ve told him that I don’t care if he eats meat around me, and I don’t even care if he cooks it at home, but I’m not going to eat it and I’m not going to cook it for him. And I do make use of some of those meat substitutes, but not as much as he seems to think. Mostly I just eat a lot of veggies, grains, and beans. I love me some good beans.

He was going on about how he wanted a roast, and while I was sickened at the thought of having to smell roast cooking in the house, I didn’t say anything to discourage him. But he changed his mind and just got a precooked chicken breast from the deli.

Okay–on to the story about the one can of Amy’s soup that I shan’t enjoy, before I get on to the Other.  When we got home I went to lie down while he put the groceries away and heated up some soup for me. I went into the kitchen because it had been a while, and I was truly hungry, and there were two pots of soup bubbling on the stove. One had what looked like the Amy’s potato and leek soup, and the other was minestrone. Joe looked a little chagrined. It seemed like he’d gotten the brilliant idea to spice up the potato leek soup with–wait for it–steak sauce. Yeah. He handed me a spoon to taste it, and I nearly gagged. It tasted about as good as you might imagine. Needless to say, I had minestrone for dinner.


I read The Dark is Rising last night before falling asleep. I had to get the taste of that dreadful movie out of my mouth as quickly as possible. It had been torturing me. What a relief! The book is so brilliant that I cannot understand why they felt the need to take every good thing out of the script. I understand that a book cannot literally be taken word for word to place on the screen. However, there is no need for a book to be mutilated the way this one was, to the point where it’s unrecognizable save for the names of the characters and perhaps one memorable line from the book (that was given to a different character and placed at a different time within). They could have cut 2/3’s of the material and still kept to the heart and soul of the story.

Grumble mumble rumble. Stoopid moovie.

I’m rereading the whole series, while I’m at it. I’m now at The Grey King, and only have Silver on the Tree to go after that. If you haven’t read them, and you enjoy fantasy, you truly should. They’re stellar books.

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Sick Again? Already?

Sometimes I feel like I get more colds/URIs than anyone on the planet. Okay, I know that’s a ginormous exaggeration. But truly, it feels like every time I turn around I’m getting another upper respiratory infection.

When I got my meds refilled last month, I actually took the time to read the patient information sheets. I don’t remember which prescription (I take 3), but one of them says that it does have the potential to make one more prone to URIs.

The sore throat started yesterday. Not unbearable, but not pleasant. It’s more pronounced today. Whenever I can suck on a mentho-lyptus cough drop until it’s gone, that’s always my warning sign. And I was able to do that last night.

Sometimes I just get a good sore throat and nothing else, but usually by the second or third day I’m good and stopped up, can’t talk, feel craptastic.  So here’s the deal–I can’t have any unscheduled time off from work or I’ll get written up. Do I go tell my boss today that I’m coming down with something, and might be sick tomorrow, just to cover my bases? Then if I’m here, cool, but if I’m sick, it’s been scheduled in advance?

And how messed-up is that anyway? I’ve got 2 days of paid time off available, and one floating holiday. So I can afford to be sick for three days if I have to. But I have to schedule it in advance. And if I don’t have any time saved up, then even if I do schedule it in advance, it counts as unscheduled. So what, I’m supposed to tell the URI, sorry–it’s a bad time, you’ll have to come back in a couple of months after I’ve accrued some time.

And it’s also supremely annoying that I’ve hardly had any vacation time because I’ve used all my PTO on surgery or illness. I’d hoped to actually use some PTO for fun stuff. Like going on a trip to see Joe, when he’s wherever he’s going in November. Not at home, trying vainly to breathe, cursing the URI demons.

Oh, you mean you didn’t know there are URI demons? Of course there are. They’re huge, greenish yellow slimy things. They lay on your chest so you can’t breathe, and they put their slimy faces over your mouth and nose like they’re giving you artificial respiration but instead they’re giving you a sore throat and gobs and gobs of snot so you go through a whole box of Kleenex in two days. They’re evil things, and they’re virtually impossible to kill. Buffy or Faith could do it, but I don’t know how to get in touch with either of them right now.

I’m just sayin’.

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