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Day 27 – Which movies or tv shows do you think are the most  accurate portrayals of your life? If you could write the next scene of your day  what would it be?

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Well, figuratively, I suppose I could claim Buffy, only without the clever quips, literal vampires, and hot sexy Spikey goodness.  Although if you take out the clever quips, literal vampire, and hot sexy Spikey goodness, there’s not much left.

Honestly, there’s not a movie or tv show that even comes close to depicting my life.

The next scene of my day? Are we talking what would really happen, or what I would like to have happen?  Hmmm. Let’s go for the latter.

Faith:         “Spike? Is that you????????????”

and then the rest would be un-family friendly.

Works for me.

Okay. Spike’s too far out there? I’d go for Captain Tight-Pants. Mmmm. Mal.


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What has surprised you about being an adult? What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

The biggest surprise was learning that even though I’m an adult, I still can’t do everything I want to do.

Don’t you remember those childhood days, when your parents would boss you around, and you’d say, “I can’t wait until I’m grown up and can do anything I want!” and they would laugh hysterically and you’d think they were laughing at you and you’d stomp down the hall and slam your bedroom door and mutter imprecations about how your parents are just mean?

No?  Um, me neither.  Yeah. That’s it.  

But then I grew up.

If I want to have money, I have to go to work.  If I want to have food and shelter, I have to pay my bills. I have to do my laundry or else go naked.  I can’t ignore the news in favour of cartoons.  

Being a grown-up sucks sometimes.

And what have I learned about myself through blogging?  Mostly that I’m still a complete dork, but now I kind of like being dorky. When you’re dorky and proud, and share it openly whether through blogging or dorky tee-shirts, you meet all kinds of awesomely dorky people who are interested in the same things you are, and you can have a lot of fun.

So David Tennant is still my favourite Doctor, and Hayden Christensen was an AWFUL choice to play Anakin Skywalker, and Perpetual Kid is the coolest catalog ever, and Buffy would be Gryffindor and Willow would be Ravenclaw and Xander would be Gryffindor and Spike would so totally be Slytherin and I love him for that and I can’t decide if Faith is Gryffindor or Slytherin and I love her for that, and Wonder Woman is my hero. And I love Hoarders and Paranormal State and even though they were completely lame I totally love the Paranormal Activities movies and I’ve lived in a haunted house and I believe in ghosts.  Oh, and I’d vote forAtticus Finch for president, and I even made a tee-shirt in Café Press to say so.  And I have an Adiposian baby that I need to bring to work to sit on my desk, and I really want a sonic screwdriver. And the guy who played the Master in Season 3 is kinda hot.  And I think that before Neville Longbottom married Hannah Abbott, he and Luna had a fling. And I like to play Who Would You Do while in line for the Harry Potter movies to start at midnight. Captain Tight-Pants (Mal) or Thor?  Hmmmm.  That’s a tough one.  And the answer is 42. Remember your towel.  Ni! Ni! Ni!

If you agree or disagree with any of the statements in the preceding paragraph, please leave me a comment because you might just be my new best friend.

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Joss the Genius

Joss Whedon is a genius.

That’s what I thought when I watched “Hush” the other day. I’m rewatching my Buffy DVD’s, and am currently in Season 4. I never cease to cry when Willow agonizes over Oz’s unfaithfulness and his leaving. I cry when Angel leaves. And even though I’ve seen some of these episodes time and again, I still find myself yelling out a caution to someone, or saying, “Come on, come on, you can do it!” 

Joss is a genius.  He creates these worlds and brings them to such vivid life, obviously with a lot of assistance on the part of the cast and crew. That’s not what makes him unique–it’s been done before and will be done again. But what makes his work stand out of the crowd are episodes such as “Hush,” where the majority of the episode takes place with no spoken dialogue. The Gentlemen are terrifying with their rictus grins as they float through the streets of Sunnydale in search of seven hearts.  When Xander sees what he thinks is Spike feeding on a dead Anya, he begins to beat the crap out of Spike before Anya wakes up from her nap and shows Xander she’s alive. It’s believable, and you cheer along with Xander and Anya as she realizes that he genuinely cares for her, and it’s not just about having sex. It takes an extraordinary mind to think of such things and bring them into being. You have to have just the right actors, the right makeup, the right setting, the right effects. I’ve seen the pilot episode of Buffy with a different actor playing Willow, and the show would have been completely different had that role not been recast.

I was also reflecting that in Joss’s worlds, one is never safe in assuming that things will turn out okay because so-and-so is a major character. He doesn’t hesitate to cause terrible things to happen even to major characters, and when it’s time for them to be killed, he kills them off.  So you cannot watch a new episode of anything he does with a sense of complacency that the people you love are safe. They’re not.

And his characters grow. The Buffy of Season 4 is a different Buffy from that of Season 1, just as the Buffy at the end of Season 7 is yet another Buffy. That’s how it is in real life. People do things, things are done to them, and they change based on what choices they make. People are wont to say, when faced with a seemingly impossible decision, that they had no choice. Joss shows us that we always have a choice. It may not be what we want, but the right thing to do is the right thing to do, regardless of our personal feelings. Bad things can happen when we make the wrong choice, all the while insisting that we had no choice.

When I watched “Superstar” last night, even while I was laughing at all the Jonathan worship while his spell was in effect, I was moved that Jonathan did the right thing when he realized everyone was in danger because of his spell. The Scooby Gang, after realizing what had happened, thought that Jonathan would not be overeager to help Buffy defeat the monster that was created when he worked the magicks. And there’s a moment where you think they’re right, but then Jonathan takes Buffy by the hand and tells her that they need to go. Just then the monster attacks, and Jonathan tells Buffy that as she fights the monster and it grows weaker, so will he grow weaker. He did the right thing there. At the end of the episode where the Scoobies are sitting outside talking about what happened, Buffy looks up to see Jonathan standing a short distance away. She goes and talks to him, and tells him that one cannot have everything one wants, and that people don’t like being used.  Jonathan tells her that he wasn’t using them, and one can sense how much he longed to be accepted, to be a part of them.  And then I began to think how different things would have been had Buffy and the Scoobies accepted Jonathan and brought him into their inner circle. Maybe Warren and Andrew wouldn’t have done what they did. Maybe Tara wouldn’t have been killed. Maybe Willow wouldn’t have turned into Wicked Willow Who Wants to Destroy the World. And Jonathan probably wouldn’t have been murdered by Andrew at the urging of The First in Season 7. Everything would have been different.

But Buffy’s a flawed hero. She doesn’t always make the right choices. Joss lets her be free to make wrong decisions, and we are able to watch how those wrong decisions affect not just her life, but the world in which she lives.  I like that, because I’m the flawed hero in my own life. I don’t always make the right choices. Sometimes the choices I make are catastrophically wrong, and the consequences of my decisions are really bad. And that’s part of being human. We’re not perfect little automatons with no will of our own.

Thank you, Joss.

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Yep, I survived the holidays. Barely. I’ve been severely congested in both nostrils, which, oddly enough, makes breathing incredibly difficult.  I’ve been taking several different OTC remedies in an attempt to (a) thin the mucus and/or (b) knock me out so I could get some rest, to no avail. The OTC nasal spray helped for a while, but the instructions state clearly that it should not be used for more than 3 days, and yesterday was day 4. So I caved and made a doctor’s appointment for later on today.

Joe got called out of state, and had to catch an early morning flight today. It kind of jacked up his holidays, since he spent half the day on Christmas Eve and much of Christmas Day preparing for the trip (making travel arrangements, packing, studying up on the system he’ll be working on). So he’s been really stressed. The combination of his stress, and all the chocolate he ate, and my being sick made for a rocky Christmas.

Saturday with the incomparable Izzybella, L-squared, and Jehara was just lovely, though. They came over around 3ish, and we had a LOT of fun. A couple of pictures will be posted as soon as I get them uploaded. We feasted on turkey and all the trimmings, courtesy of my office, and played a game, and blabbed and opened gifts and just generally had a great time.

I went to do a bit more shopping on Monday, and also ventured out at last to see Sweeney Todd. Spin Doc wanted a review of the movie, so here’s my stab at said review: You’ll probably want to wait quite a while before eating a pasty or a meat pie again, for starters. The scene where Mrs. Lovett sings about the worst meat pies in town was just disgusting, and it got worse from there. The sets, costumes, and makeup were utterly delightful. Everything, with the exception of Mrs. Lovett’s fantasy about life by the sea and the lovely Johanna, is grim, dirty, and very unpleasant. The acting was fantastic, as was the singing. Johnny Depp–wow!  And Helena Bonham Carter was made to play this role, so I’m glad she got the chance to do so. Alan Rickman was as yummy as ever, despite his sleazy domineering character, and Timothy Spall was as ratlike as ever. (On a sidenote, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see him without thinking of Wormtail/Scabbers.) The young woman who played Johanna was so poignant in her role, particularly when she was expressing her sure knowledge to the naive innocent Anthony that life doesn’t go on happily ever after. So if you’ve got a strong stomach, go see the film. You’ll enjoy it, in a twisted sort of way. It was just amazingly well done, so Tim Burtonesque, and I really am glad I saw it.

And Izzybella came over early on Christmas morning for stockings and gifts, and, again, it was truly lovely. We had a great time. All the gifts were a great hit. Dinner with Dad and the Monster yesterday was nice, but we had to leave sooner than usual so Joe could continue preparing to leave this morning.

So all is well in my corner of the world–or will be, once I can breathe clearly again–and I hope it is well with you.

By the way, kudos and many thanks to Izzybella for seasons 5, 6, and 7 of Buffy! Woot! I watched Once More With Feeling and Tabula Rasa last night, and once I get home from the doctor’s office, I plan to fully immerse myself in every episode of Buffy that I’ve been hungering to watch. Expect lots of Spike-y goodness. Rrrorwl!

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I have a serious thing for Urban Decay. It’s my favourite brand of cosmetics at present. The colours have names like smog, and midnight cowboy, lust, etc. They’re rich and decadent.  Their Big Fatty mascara makes my eyelashes look think and long. Just love the stuff.

Anyway, when I was in Sephora last with Joe, the really nice salesclerk gave me a variety of perfume samples. Yesterday I tried one called Hard Candy, and really liked it. I put some more on today. Yep. I still like it. Who makes it? Urban Decay.

I’m just sayin’.

L-squared and I are taking the afternoon off work this Friday to go Christmas shopping. The only thing that would make it better would be if the incomparable Izzybella were able to join us. But we’ll have fun nonetheless.  We’re going to Grapevine Mills, a huge outlet mall. So I’m making the list of what I need to finish up, and I’ll walk my legs off (it’s a mile to walk around the mall), and we’ll have a good time. And then we’ll go see a movie, probably I Am Legend, although it’s entirely possible something else will pique our interest.

I bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday during my lunch break, so last night I watched it, then watched the extras, and then watched it again. One of the deleted scenes shows what Sybil Trelawney was doing during Dolores Umbridge’s speech at the banquet–it’s absolutely hysterical. Emma Thompson is a wonderful actor, and watching her play Trelawney is a delight.

I lucked out yesterday as well; Izzybella decided to buy the Angel boxed collection, so she’s letting me buy her Angel series for $30. So I’m happy about that. Now I’ve just got to buy seasons 5-7 of Buffy, and I’ll be in Joss Whedon paradise.

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Curses! Foiled Again!

I seem to have rather a lot to say, don’t I? I should probably save it all up and do one ginormous post, but it’s easier this way. I get whatever I need to say off my mind, and you’ve got a much shorter post to read (or not, whichever you prefer).

I went to the library at lunch! Yay for libraries!  and since I haven’t been there for a week, I spent most of my lunch hour feverishly grabbing books and putting them into my book bag.

I wanted to get my lunch at Jason’s Deli, carry-out, which is usually pretty fast. But I took long enough at the library that when I went to Jason’s, the line at the carry-out counter was actually longer than the line for those who were staying. I thought for half a second about waiting in said line, but then decided to go to the Vietnamese noodle place next door. Mmmmm–jasmine milk boba tea. Mmmmmm–stirfry veggies and tofu with these wonderful wide flat noodles. I think this is better than Jason’s would have been, although I’d have spent quite a bit less at Jason’s. The Vietnamese noodle place isn’t cheap, and the boba tea is $3.25. So yeah. Splurge.

Hey–if you want to see what Joss Whedon, before whom all lesser mortals bow, has to say about the writer’s strike, go here: http://whedonesque.com/comments/14745

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I’m moving my weight loss stuff over to a new blog, Faith’s Journey, mostly because I’m planning to really focus in on it but don’t want it to take over this blog. 

And for those of you familiar with Sam, he has decided, for personal reasons, to quit blogging except for Jacquie’s Journal. He would still welcome submissions for Jacquie’s Journal, though, so if you haven’t written anything, please consider it. I know that he would be truly grateful. I’m going to miss him!!

I had the best salad for dinner last night. Joe and I went to California Pizza Kitchen and I got their Mediterranean Salad–romaine lettuce, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta cheese on a bed of hummus with pita triangles. The dressing was a vinaigrette and then it had some other kind of sauce. It was fantastic! That’s one I will be recreating at home.

Liz, Soleil, D. and I are planning a Buffy-thon sometime in the next few weeks, and we’re all supposed to list our top 10 episodes so we can decide which 10 to watch. And may I just state here how difficult it is to narrow it down to just 10? I love Buffy!!  Anyway, with no further ado, here are my Top 10:

  1. Band Candy – This is the episode that got me hooked on the show. My sister’d been raving about it for eons, and when she had me trapped at her apartment asked me to watch just one episode. She promised that if I hated it, she’d never bug me again. Bit-cah!
  2. Halloween – I watched this one the same night I watched Band Candy. Love it.
  3. I Only Have Eyes For You – This one is gut-wrenchingly beautiful. Realizing that the roles are reversed with the ghosts, and watching Angel and Buffy together as they’re overshadowed is just brilliant.
  4. Graduation Day Part One – Buffy and Faith fighting. Bad-ass mayor action. What’s not to love about this?
  5. Graduation Day Part Two – The students of Sunnydale save the day. Again, what’s not to love about this?
  6. Fear, Itself – Another Halloween episode, one that I may like even better than Halloween. I love watching Anya stump up the sidewalk in a huge bunny costume after Xander told her to wear something scary.
  7. Beer Bad – Primordial Buffy clobbers dickhead. Love it!
  8. Hush – Few people could carry off an idea like this. Joss is one of those few. Every now and then the Gentlemen turn up in my nightmares.
  9. Once More With Feeling – Some evenings when I’m bored, I go to You Tube and search for Buffy videos. My current favourite has “Walk Through the Fire” set to a Veronica Mars video. Brilliant.  And I melt when Spike sings “Rest in Peace.”
  10. Tabula Rasa – The episode immediately following Once More With Feeling. It’s hysterically funny but poignant at the same time. It’s hard for me to watch one without needing to see the other.

So there’s my list. Izzybella? Soleil? Your lists, please?

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