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The Common Cold

At least, that’s what I’m assuming this is. If it’s not, well, sue me.  Anyway, here’s the tally so far: 2 1/2 days missed from work (fortunately, I already had my 40+ by the time I left last Friday, and I have PTO to cover Monday and Tuesday); some probably annoyed co-workers (but they are probably less annoyed than if I’d actually been there coughing and hacking and blowing and snotting); 4 days spent in bed (less fun than it sounds); no reading done because I feel too puny to concentrate; fell asleep during whatever movies I tried to watch; two boxes of Nyquil and I’m on the 4th box of Kleenex; and a really grody nose where it got all irritated by the combination of copious amounts of snot being wiped by paper tissues (and where’s the logic in wiping a snotty nose on something made out of wood anyway) that I’m treating with Vaseline so it won’t make anyone who looks at me immediately want to hurl.

I’m cranky. Sorry. But it’s better. I’ll be back to work tomorrow. I can breathe, most of the time. 

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Yes, it’s that time of year. I went to bed Wednesday night feeling fine and I woke up Thursday morning feeling puny. It just got worse and worse, so I ended up leaving work early today (not to worry, though–I got my 40+ hours in anyway). I tried to lie down when I got home, but the dogs and the husband wanted some Faithie time, so I had to let them stick around for a while.

They’re gone, and the room is dark, and I’m fixing to take off my glasses and see if I can get some sleep. 

And speaking of glasses, I’m getting intraLASIK (I think that’s what it’s called) on March 1st. Soon, no more glasses! Woot!

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Yeah. It’s been a little while. What, 6 months or so of a little while? The job continues to be insanely busy. We’re back in the house, which makes my 9-10-11 hours days intl 11-12-13 hours days. Which means I don’t get much of anything else done. But we’re hiring, so I’m hopeful that I’ll start getting some of my life back. 

I’m writing again, which is a brilliant feeling. 

I managed to see all but one of the best picture nominees for the Academy Awards. And considering I have to go either to Hulen Mall in Ft. Worth or the Magnolia in Dallas, I’m not sure I’ll catch that one. But they were all brilliant, and they all deserve the nominations. Right now I think Argo is my vote for best picture. Not that my vote counts one lick of course, but there you have it.  If they gave an award for most visually arresting movie, it would definitely go to Life of Pi. An award to a small child who carries a whole movie? I’m about to massacre her name, but Qu’venshene as Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild was ah-maaaaaazing. Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln. And I will shamefacedly confess to cheering when Christophe Waltz shot Leonardo diCaprio’s despicable Candie in Django Unchained. Speaking of Django, did you know the D is silent? Don’t like my lame jokes? Argo f*** yourself!!

I’m maneuvering myself back to a vegetarian mostly vegan diet, and feeling so damned much better. I was born to be vegetarian. Joe complains that it takes so long for food to get through his digestive system. Me, I eat a bowl of cabbage soup and an hour later my interior plumbing is clean and shiny. TMI, I know. Sorry. I’ll try to start blogging more frequently. Hope you’ve missed me enough that you might rejoin me on my journey back.

peace out

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