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I am very pleased to announce that my novella fatso is available for purchase on Amazon for Kindle. It is the story of a woman who wakes up one day to find her fondest dream has come true, and how her life changes as a result.


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So yesterday I finished a draft of chapter two, and sent it to the incomaprable Izzybella.

Yesterday afternoon, she finished a draft of chapter three, and sent it back to me.

This morning, I finished a draft of chapter four, and sent it back to her. This may sound more impressive than it actually is. See, I already had most of chapter four written. While we were still in the pre-outline phases, we would write various scenes. We didn’t care whether they would be in the book or not; we just wrote them to get insight into our characters. And I was fortunate in that one of the scenes I had already written fit right into chapter four.

There’s one scene I’m still trying to figure out where it will go, but it is definitely getting into the book.

It’s so lovely when the muse is present, because when she’s gone, writing is not the pleasure it currently is now, but an absolute PITA.

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Why haven’t I been here? Well, because I’ve been busy. ūüôā ¬†Easy explanation, right?

We’ve learned that our house won’t be ready for several more weeks, probably right about the time that our lease is up at the apartment. So yeah, frustration has ensued, but it’s going to be so wonderful when it’s completed.

And we’re out of temporary housing money, so we had to have the rental furniture, housewares, and washer/dryer picked up. Which means we had to go and buy a TV, futon, air mattress, and assemble the table & chairs & TV stand we got from Ikea months ago. ¬†There’s more to buy, but we’re hoping we can make it with what we have until we move back home.

The husband of one of Joe’s nieces is in a band that is opening for Weezer in Buffalo Friday night. So I’m hoping Joe will be able to go up to Buffalo, see the show and visit with his family for a bit. Poor guy’s working so hard all the time that he never gets any rest. And we’ve got a good two weeks, at least, before we have to worry about packing up the rest of the apartment and moving to the house.

What else can I tell you? I wrote a short novella/long short story this week, and am hoping to get it up on Amazon shortly. My mom is sending me photocopies of the family cookbook, which I will format and get that up on Amazon as soon as I can as well. And the updated version of Quo Vadis that I prepared several years ago will also be going on Amazon.

And of course Liz and I are hard at work on our book. I just finished up on chapter 2 this morning. So work proceeds apace.

And that’s what I’ve been doing. (Well, that and playing Castleville and Words With Friends and watching 4 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night.)

What about you? 

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