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Blah blah blah blah

So I write virtually every day for a month, and then I go half a month without writing at all. I suppose I need a challenge every month just to keep me blogging.

Not a lot has happened. I had a really nice, but all too short, trip to Galveston with the incomparable Izzybella. I did get sunburned, but not nearly as bad as I feared would happen. I did use sunscreen, Mom, but I got the spray kind, and it was very breezy. My very blotchy burn attested to the fact that it stuck in some spots and got blown off in other spots. And we got knocked over by a massive wave, and I got a mouthful of really disgusting tasting Galveston sea water. Bletch. And we had delicious queso flameado at a Mexican restaurant in honour of Cinco de Mayo.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. Get up as late as possible and still get to work on time. Work. Meander around after work. See a movie or read. I’ve seen the Avengers movie twice, and would love to see it another dozen times. I also have a list of other movies I’d like to see, given time and money.

I figured out how to get our house paid off in 5 years. And the car in less than 2 years. I want to be debt free. Totally debt free. It’s crazy–we can pay our house off in the 21 years remaining on our loan, and pay as much, literally, in interest as we currently owe in principal. Or we can pay it off in 5 years and pay a little 1/5th the amount of interest. Let’s see–keep the payment as it is and pay around $55,000 in interest, or triple the payment for 5 years and pay only $11,000 in interest. That’s really a no-brainer, as long as we can afford to do so. I also figured it out for my car, and it’s the same kind of story. I’ve got a credit card I want to get paid off, and it will take around a year, then all the money I’m socking onto that can go onto the car, which will take another year or so, and then the rest will go to the house. So actually I think we can get the house paid off in closer to 3 or 4 years. I keep remembering something I heard somewhere about smart people don’t pay interest, they earn it.

Along those lines, I’ve been filling my dalek bank with all my one dollar bills, all my change, and the occasional higher bill. Joe tells me whenever I want to go shopping, go home and put $10 in my bank. lol  He also kindly and generously stuffs it as well. I’ve got around $330 right now. When I get it up to $1K, I’m going to open a short term CD and start saving again. Then when the CD renews after 11 months, I can add whatever I’ve accumulated in that time period, and keep on going. It’s not a lot–the interest I’d earn on that $1000 the first 11 months would be a very tiny amount, but I suppose if I keep adding to it every year, it’ll start going somewhere. And then once all of the debts are paid off, perhaps I can dabble in making some investments that will potentially reap more benefits.

Changing the subject: I’m in love with maxi dresses. I got one last summer, and was fearful that they’d be out of style this summer. Fortunately, far from it. They’re even more in style than they were last summer, and I’ve added another couple to my wardrobe. They are so comfortable, flattering, and cool. I’m hoping to snare a couple more from Ross (my normal shopping home, although I did get a very cute one from Target last weekend). I figure with 5 or 6 maxi dresses, I can rotate them through the week. Nobody would really care if I wore the same 5 or 6 dresses all summer, would they?  Besides, as long as I’m wearing maxi dresses and not going to the beach/pool, I don’t have to shave my legs.

I’m very tired today. I had a headache much of the weekend, and then yesterday went to see Avengers again right after work, and Joe was wound up when we got home, so I didn’t get to sleep early enough and then I had ghastly nightmares. Actually, I’ve been having ghastly nightmares all week. One night I was dreaming about rats (and I have a HUGE phobia when it comes to rodents) (Mom if you’re reading this, don’t you dare!!!). And then I was dreaming about a friend who passed away years ago. And last night I was having nightmares regarding my house.

Construction continues on the house. They’ve put the new roof on, and I think it’s very pretty.  Unlike the normal very low pitched roofs in our neighbourhood, it’s a steeper angle, but it has to be in order to accommodate the HVAC. It’s also going to give us more insulation, as well as some storage space in the attic. That’ll come in handy, since we’re losing some closets and got rid of our junky shed that had been in the back yard, steadily deteriorating, since we first bought the house.

And the writing continues apace.  I’m trying to get at least a little bit written most days. I stole a cooking experiment my husband conducted in the early days when we were first dating, and assigned it to one of our characters. I’m very pleased with how that scene turned out.

So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. What’s up with you?


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