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So remember the whole Z pack thing from yesterday?  I woke up sounding like a ribbetty frog, and was all snotty and hoarse and coughy and headachey today. I was one cranky puss, lemme tell ya.  The hoarseness wore off after a while, although I’m still coughy and headachey. Gotta get better, though. I’m heading down to Galveston for the weekend with Izzybella and Amethyst!  It’s going to be an absolute blast. We will probably get sunburned. We’ll walk the Strand and buy souvenirs. We’ll go body surfing. We’ll eat good food. We’ll sing bad 80’s songs. Or else we’ll sing 80’s songs badly. Not sure which is worse. Either way, though, it’s going to be a rejuvenating weekend and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.

Things are pretty good at work right now in the sense that my boss and her boss (who is my former boss–follow that?) made a very nice little presentation to me yesterday. They thanked me for all my hard work keeping things afloat while people were out for several months and I was carrying a heavy load. And they thanked me with money! I got a small little bonus incentive thingie that should be on my next paycheck and, I need hardly add, will be taken directly to the Coach outlet and spent in one fell swoop. It was very unexpected, and very much appreciated. You know how it is, when you just work yourself into the ground, and you barely lift your head above water. My boss has been back for a month now, and April was so much easier than Jan, Feb, and March. We actually were able to close out the month today, instead of a week or more into the new month. And we’re hard at work on our May stuff already.

I can’t remember if I told y’all, but I ended up not getting the promotion I’d applied for. And I wasn’t too upset about it. I mean, the money would have been nice, but I really prefer staying in my group. And then when I found out who got the job–well, heck, I’d have hired her for it myself! 

Then Amethyst and I have a project under wraps. We discussed it thoroughly over hummus and naan and other delicious Cosmic food Friday night. We are going to spend a few days together toward the end of this month, then spend the month of June working frantically, and hope to roll it out on July 1st!

Izzy and I continue to write, although I’m at a temporary standstill since my data is on my old laptop whilst I’m working from the new one. Once Joe gets home, he’ll get things squared away so I’ll have everything where I need it again. He’s cool that way.

Well, I’m going to sack out early, and I see that Emmylou already has sacked out. So I wish you all a lovely evening, and I’ll check in with you tomorrow! Bisous!


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