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Izzybella again, guest-posting. Chauceriangirl’s computer is toaster-caked.  That’s a “t” word.  🙂  It’s meeting a repair-man shortly, but in the mean-time, here’s some less sad “t” words for you.  Please note, I’m trying very hard to find “t” words Chauceriangirl personally grooves on.

Let’s start with True Blue, a fantastic band featuring the talents of one fantastic dude named Pat. They’re giving away a free CD via this very blog.  Would you like to win?  Of course, you would.  All you have to do is comment on this post.  You can get a second entry by posting a link to this blog on your own blog.  Just come back and leave the link and you can be entered twice.

Tea, especially sweet tea, but really just tea in general.  Chauceriangirl especially likes a store called Teavana, which is like tea and nirvana all in one sweet package.  She bought a really cool kettle there along with some super yummy teas and let me try them.  They were delish.  Like seriously top par stuff.

T.S. Eliot.  For a while there, she was really into his poetry.

Totally tubular.  When I was a kid she got into Valley Girl speak-only in an ironic way, though.

Target.  Target is the big-box store of choice.  You can keep your Wal Marts and your K Marts.  CG’ll take Target, thank you very much.  She’s capable of spending a lot of money there.  It’s a little scary.

Tales.  As in Canterbury.  She is named Chauceriangirl, after all.  Her love for Chaucer is deep, abiding and true.

Tails. As in wagging puppy dog tails.  She currently has one Emmy Lou Who dog, but there’s always room at the inn for more.  So don’t be surprised at her eventual “I have a new family member post!!”  I’m telling you, it’s coming soon…

Texas.  As in Deep in the heart of…where we live.  As in Don’t mess with.  Texas is great.  How many states offer such topographical variety without ever once leaving it’s borders?  The major downside is Rick Perry, but he won’t be governor forever.

Theatre.  I had to make one of these all about me.  I love theatre so much I got my degree in it.  That doesn’t make me a fantastic actor or anything-mostly it makes me a nerd.  But I do love the theatre…

Thunderstorms.  Another thing Texas does well.  They can scare the crap out of you out here, but there is something kind of magnificent about it.

Traveling. Yes, please.

Any favorite “t” words I missed?  Leave them in comments…


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Not really. I just couldn’t think of a clever S title. 🙂

Okay. Some may take the fact that I’m not doing this post until 10:09 PM on Saturday as an indication that I’m lazy. Well, I am. But that’s not why this post is so tardy. I have had an extremely busy day that involved taking my NEW CAR (squee!) to the dealership for some finishing touches; meeting the contractor at the house to give him the retainer and discuss the next steps (they’re starting the demolition on Tuesday–squee!), and drive home and hang with Joe and Emmylou for a while. Then go grocery shopping. In my NEW CAR (squee!). And right when I got home I got an invite from my bff Clover to go visit so I drove to Keller in my NEW CAR (squee!) and Clover and her family and Joe and I all went to El Rancho Grande for dinner. Then I drove him, yes, still in my NEW CAR (squee!) and now I’m putting this post up.  See, while we did get a brand new new vehicle back in 2003, Joe bought it. But in order to get all my GMAC family bonuses and stuff for this car, I had to be the buyer. Yes, I’m [redacted] years old, and this is the first car I personally have ever bought. It’s gorgeous–a 2012 Malibu LT, mocha, and it drives like a dream.

Okay. Sorry for the sidetrack. Now, here, with no further ado, is Chauceriangirl’s own personally selected list of awesome things that start with S:

I’ve been very excited to bring you this first person.

Supergrover! Here to save the day!

Look at that cheerful face, the big smile, the cape billowing in the wind. Doesn’t he inspire all kinds of confidence?

Sarah-bear. We met when I started working on a temp assignment that ended up turning permanent. It seems like we first really began to be friends when I was going through all the difficulties surrounding the death of my youngest sister, A. She had lost a sister to violence as well, even though it was on the other end of the spectrum, and she was there for me. And we’ve formed a firm friendship, and I feel really privileged to have her in my life. She’s currently off work with a broken foot. I have instructed her in no uncertain terms that the next time she feels the urge to break something, to hurl a dish or an ugly vase or something, because it’s boring at work without having lunch with her. I miss her.

Sesame Street!!!  I watched it when I was a kid, back in the dark–strike that–golden age of Sesame Street. The days when there was no sickeningly cute Elmo. I watched it long beyond when I probably should have quit, but I babysat a lot. Besides, I have a weakness for Muppets and infectious songs about counting.

I always loved when the baker spilled everything all over the place.

Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!

The Seasons, starring Prairie Dawn and other assorted Muppets.

Sodalite. One of my favourites. I usually wear two sodalite nugget bracelets every day.

Isn’t it beautiful? Of course, my bracelets are made from tumbled sodalites, although I do have a nice sized sodalite chunk.

Tune in Monday when we talk about T’s, and I give away a CD of music by True Blue. You’ll definitely want to enter into the giveaway.  Peace out!

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Not so coincidentally, “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it’s drivin’ me nuts” is the punchline to my favourite pirate joke. 

With no further ado:

Radner, and Roseanne Roseannadanna. I remember watching SNL back in its early days, and Gilda Radner was my favourite. Who could forget her ad for Jewess Jeans? Her interviews as Baba Wawa? She combined being unconventionally pretty with being abso-frickin-lutely hilarious. And Roseanne Roseannadanna was the best.

Raspberries—and every other kind of edible berry. Unlike my sister, the incomparable Izzybella, who refuses to eat any red fruit except watermelon, I adore pretty much every fruit. Except kiwi. Ugh. Don’t like that stuff. But raspberries? Fresh juicy raspberries? Love ‘em!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Man, I loved those things. Especially when they came out with the small unwrapped ones. I could mindlessly eat one after another after another until the bag was gone. Fortunately for my waistline, however, the last time I had a Reese’s, I got violently ill for 2 days. Haven’t been able to even think about having one since that time. Just the thought of eating a Reese’s makes my stomach hurt.

Regina Spektor. Ever heard any of her music? She is just amazing. Everything she does is so inventive, I love it. Fidelity was the first song of hers that I ever heard, and I immediately went out and bought the CD. I was supposed to go see her several years ago, but was diagnosed with strep throat the day of the concert, and forbidden to do anything but go home because I was contagious. So Joe went alone, and gave my ticket to a group of 3 people—2 of them had tickets, and the 3rd was hoping to buy a ticket, not knowing the show was sold out. So I don’t mind so much. It’s nice when you can perform a mitzvah for someone, even something as small as that.

Rock Barrell. I know the word “Barrel” is spelled with one L, but the shop spells it with two. So who am I to argue? Anyway, if you like crystals, stones, jewelry making supplies, etc., you can’t go wrong by visiting Rock Barrell in—tada!—Richardson Texas. Their prices on crystals and stones are much more reasonable than the metaphysical shops. Izzy and I got some lovely pieces, and I’m looking forward to our next trip.

Reading. Well, der. I’m one of the Quirky Girls who Read, and I am obsessive about reading. I’ll try most anything except romance (for some reason, I HATE romance novels) or big long complicated math or science stuff. I will confess, however, to having decided that I no longer have to finish a book if I decide I don’t like it. In my younger days, if I started a book, I finished it, with the notable exceptions of Helter Skelter (too horrifying) and Vanity Fair (too stultifying). One may laugh at the juxtaposition of those two worlds apart books, but there you have it. Helter Skelter I took outside and put in the trash bin because I didn’t even want it in the house. And the last time I attempted to read Vanity Fair I hurled it across the room and vowed never to try again. Now I’m older and wiser, and realize there’s absolutely no point in finishing a book if I don’t like it. In fact, there’s a section on my kindle labeled “Books I Did Not Like.”

Red. As in the colour. Purple used to be my favourite colour until fairly recently, when I realized with some surprise that it’s now red. Red is also the colour associated with the root chakra, which I was doing a lot of work on. The last time I had my chakras balanced, I was told that my crown and throat chakras were seriously messed up. Coincidentally (or not?), the day of the balancing was also the day I began the latest bout of strep throat. So I’ve been wearing a lot of blue and have my blue crystals out (blue is the colour for the throat chakra). Anyway, back to red. I am using red as the primary colour (along with black, white, and grey) in the living area when we move back home. I’ve found some fantastic accessories, and am really looking forward to putting everything together.

And that’s it for the R’s. Tune in tomorrow for our very special S guest! (if you want, you can put a picture of Super Grover here).

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(Disclaimer: though this post says it’s from Izzybella, it’s really from Chauceriangirl.  Izzybella is just posting for her as Chauceriangirl currently does not have access to the interwebs.)

1-Q.  In keeping with the Muppet heavy nature of this alphabet list, the first thing that came to mind is an old Ernie & Bert sketch from Sesame Street.  Ernie lures Bert into his trap: “I say 1-Q, then you say 2-Q,” and so on.  Bert initially is reluctant, but somehow one can’t turn Ernie down. So when Bert enthusiastically arrives at “10-Q, ”Bernie says, “You’re welcome,” and sniggers. (Izzybella tried to find it on You Tube, but didn’t…she found another one with with Oscar the Grouch.  Izzybella would also like to add that since she is a dirty girl, she found 4Q just as hilarious.)

2-Q.  Queen. I remember living in Georgia and “Another One Bites the Dust” was very popular. I can’t remember if it’s a Weird Al version or if our little group thought of it, but we sang, “Another One Rides the Bus” every morning whilst waiting for our school bus. I didn’t really get the whole gay thing back then, and admired Freddie Mercury in all his total weirdness.  I must have had an inkling, though, as I never developed a crush on him like I did on so many other rock stars.

And it seems appropriate that Adam Lambert is now filling in for Mercury.

3-Q. Quicksand. Random, huh? But I used to believe in it with all my heart. Some day, somewhere, I was going to be walking across a beach or in a wooded area and accidentally step into a patch of quicksand that would suck me in faster than you can say “Help!” And I would be saved at the last minute only because someone would hold out a convenient branch and pull me out. Or else I would die.

4-Q. Queen, Evil, as in from Snow White. That woman gave me nightmares. And it didn’t help that when I was going through my scared of the dark phase, which lasted a ridiculously long time, we had a tree behind my bedroom window, and one of the branches would tap menacingly whilst I was lying in bed, completely terrified, and the shadow looked like that evil witch.

5-Q. Quiznos. Didn’t they have some weird commercial with monkeys or something? I dunno. I prefer Subway, so I seldom do Quiznos anyway.

6-Q. Quote. I know I’m fighting a losing battle, but I maintain that “quote” is a verb and “quotation” is a noun. Period. End of discussion. One of my favourite QUOTATIONS from The Canterbury Tales is about the Clerk: “Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche.” I QUOTE that frequently.

7-Q.  Q, that evil manipulative dude from ST:TNG. I thought he was kinda cute, but boy was he naughty!

8-Q. Qi, the word that so frequently gives me at least a nice 11 points in Words With Friends.

9-Q. Quinoa. Pronounced keen-wah. It’s a grain (I think), and it’s really good, high protein, and I just love it. Spiral Diner (tune in Saturday for more) has some great quinoa dishes.

10-Q. Quiver. One among many reasons I dislike romance novels. Too many things quiver—her thighs, her breasts, his engorged tumescence, etc. Ugh. The only time my thighs quiver is when I’ve been bowling with my wii for too long. And trust me when I tell you that’s nothing to write home about.

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Peanuts–when I was a kid in Georgia, my mom used to boil peanuts, and she sealed them in plastic bags. And when I got home from school, I’d get a pot of water boiling on the stove top, toss in a bag of boiled peanuts, and when they were all hot and steamy I’d take the bag out and empty the peanuts into a dish, and my brother and sister and I enjoyed the salty snacks. Seriously, if you’ve never had boiled peanuts, you just don’t know what you’re  missing. Unless you’re allergic, in which case you’re missing swelling and possible death. So if you’re allergic, ignore this paragraph.

Mmmm-mmmmm good! Um, I mean, pppppp-pppppppppppppp good. If you want to learn how to make them your own self, you can follow the directions at this link for Mother Earth News.

Pets. Isn’t it interesting how many letters lead me back to my babies? Lessee-growing up we had Mr. and Mrs. Katt, Lester Garfinkle Madkatt, a gorgeous Irish setter named Malcolm O’Malley (if I recall correctly–he grew a lot faster than we did, and we kinda got scared of him so my parents found another home for him), an Afghan hound named Celeste, a cat named Puss-in-Boots, aka Bootsie. I have a photo of the incomparable Izzybella with Bootsie, but she’d do desperate and terrible things to me were I to publish it, so I shan’t. My dad and monster adopt older dogs. I admire them so much for doing so, because I couldn’t do it. Their old yellow lab Sydney crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday, and she’ll be missed. She was so sweet and lovable, and if I were shoeless at their house, Sydney would stop by and lick my feet.

Pianos. I has one. It’s in a corner of our flat’s living room, and on top there are a couple of books on cd and a book and a lamp and a cd and two candles and a stone Buddha and my zen frog. More stuff than I’d like. Our difficulty is that we’re going through all of the boxes and things that were packed up from our house, and we just have nowhere to put anything. But eventually my piano will just have a lamp and my zen frog on it.

Picasso. One of my favourite artists. I used to have a framed Picasso print, but I have absolutely no idea where it ended up, if it even ended up making it out of the house. It’s not what one typically thinks of when one thinks of Picasso, but its quiet sweetness makes me happy.

And I think we’ll let Miss Piggy finish things up today.

Miss Piggy, who shows through her inimitable example that one can be a woman of size and still have a fabulous sense of fashion and daring that will win the hearts of frogs everywhere!

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First and foremost, I must thank the incomparable Izzybella for filling in for me yesterday. (It’s really today, because I’m typing this up on Monday night, but work with me here.)  My computer went kablooie the other day when it started to slide, and I attempted to catch it, and hosed the screen. So my awesome husband went out today and got me a replacement monitor that we’re using until we can get the replacement screen. So go Joe!

Okay. On to the letter of the day:  O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar. My doctor, the totally awesome Dr. L, is named Oscar. Not his first name, his middle name. Oscar Oscar Oscar. It doesn’t really suit him, but there you have it. And then there’s Oscar the Grouch, whom I adore and have since childhood.

It occurs to me that this alphabet recital has been muppet heavy. Just wait–I’ve got a huge treat coming on S Day!

Onions.  I enjoy eating onions. One of my very favourite smells is chopped onions and garlic sizzling in olive oil.  Mmmmmm.  But once when I was a lot younger and much dumber, I was weeding someone’s garden and ignorantly pulled up all of the onions. :blush  I’m so sorry!!!

Olives. I also love olives. Green olives, stuffed with pimiento, the classics that my mother weaned us on. And then I discovered black olives, and how fun it is to poke your fingers through the holes and eat them one at a time. And then I got a little fancier and found how much I love kalamatas and other varieties, and my olive love just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Orgasm. NARS makes this awesome blush that makes you look like you just had a very interesting time, and the colour is called Orgasm, and it looks lovely on everybody. Don’t believe me? Go sample it at Sephora or some similar place.

And I guess that’s all. I’m kind of having trouble coming up with good O words, but that could be because my throat is just killing me and it’s been a very stressful day.  Tune in tomorrow for P–it’s going to be a lulu! Here’s a little hint:


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Hello, readers of the most excellent Chauceriangirl.  She is currently down and out with strep throat and asked me – Izzybella –  to take over the ‘N’ post of her A to Z challenge.  Because I adore her, I said yes.

Let’s start with New York City.  Neither Chauceriangirl nor I have been to NYC, but we have tentative plans to go in May, assuming all the stars properly align and the gods favor us.  Here are a few things we’d like to see while in NYC: a Broadway play or six, Times Square, Union Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, MoMA, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, Stroll down 5th Avenue, eat at the Stage Deli, see the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island (this includes taking the Staten Island Ferry), Grand Central Station (take the metro!!! Don’t laugh, this is very exciting for Texas folk who have never been on a Subway)…just to name a few.  If you happen to have NYC experience and want to suggest something in the comments, please do!!!

Nieces and Nephews.  Between Chauceriangirl’s (and my) family and her husband’s family, she has a whole entire boatload of nieces and nephews.  She is quite a doting aunt-she spoils them mightily and then gives them back to their parents all sugared up and rambunctious.  All brothers and sisters (in-law, step-, and otherwise) truly appreciate it.  Really.  I mean that.

The Nook.  Now ebookwise was Chauceriangirl’s first e-reader (girl knows a brilliant idea when she sees one), but she didn’t really get enthusiastic about ebook readers until she got her Nook.  She has since also purchased a Kindle.  As she herself will tell you, “Yes, I need both of them.”  For her the Nook/Kindle has two benefits: one, she likes to read.  I mean really, really, really, really likes to read.  As in, she is a voracious reader.  Does she library?  Well, yes, sometimes, but as an inveterate re-reader, she mostly buys.  This means she has a copious amount of books.  She could probably furnish a small public library with the contents of her book collection.  Since getting her e-reader(s), she has donated many of her paper books and now has much more room at home.  Benefit #2?  Well, we all like to shame-read on occasion-this way we don’t get caught.  By “we all” I don’t necessarily mean you, unless you have something you’d like to confess?

Nurses ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chauceriangirl and I love Dr. L’s nurse, P.  She’s fabulous; knowledgable, caring, funny, calm-just the right person to talk to in case of emergency.  We also love our nurse friend, Gypsy, for the same reason, plus she is good quirky, strange fun!!  Finally my job requires me to work directly with student nurses.  I am so impressed by all the crap a person will go through to become a nurse.  The courses are NOT easy, the exams are brutal, clinical will beat a person down and you have no time for anything except school, school, school.  Seriously, you have to WANT to be a nurse to willingly go through all that.  And if you are a nurse, you are mighty.

Names, as in great names.  Chauceriangirl and I collect them.  I would share some of them, but it seems a gross invasion of each individual’s privacy, so I won’t.  It’s very difficult.  My fingers want to type them because you wouldn’t believe some of the crazy names we have come across throughout our lives…they’re some doozies.  Trust me on this.  We both think names are incredibly important and can’t understand why a parent would saddle their kid with a name doomed to ruin their lives.  Click here for an excellent example.

Noodles.  I love noodles.  Chauceriangirl is not quite as much a fan of noodles as I am, though she does like Thai food.  Me, I love noodles in spaghetti sauce, Pad Thai, or good old-fashioned olive oil and parmesan.  Nummy, nummy noodles!!!

And since we’re on food, how about nachos?  I am from Texas and therefore love gooey cheesy numminess spread all over crispy chips,  Maybe add some sour cream and guacamole.  I even like the crappy movie nachos with the disgusting cheese sauce.  I’m telling you movies and movie nachos go together like peas and carrots.  In Texas there are two major food groups: fried and cheesy.  We’ll fry anything and turn anything into nachos.  Examples of nachos I have eaten here in the Lone Star State: cheese nachos, bean and cheese nachos, fajita nachos, brisket nachos, fish nachos, ice cream nachos (to DIE for, cinnamon coated chips with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce-seriously one of my best friends had a total … um … moment with the ice cream nachos. To this day we make fun of her…) italian nachos-the list goes on.

So there’s some ‘N’ words for you.  Chauceriangirl should be back tomorrow.  If not, I’m sure she’ll invite someone right nifty to guest-post.

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