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Wow. Wowly-wow-wow.

Is it time already for the W’s? It seems like only a few days ago we started with the A’s.  Of course, the incomparable Izzybella did fill in for me more than a few times while I was computerless/netless/witless.

Okay. The first W is the most important: The Webb Sisters. Izzy and I, in other words. When I was dating my husband, he always referred to us as the Webb Sisters, and it kinda stuck, even though I have a different last name. We’ll always be the Webb Sisters, no matter what, and I love that about us.

Um, trying to think here, watermelon. I like watermelon, rather a lot. And the spitting the seeds across the yard is the best part! Of course, with me being how I am about food textures, the watermelon has to be perfectly crisp and juicy. If it’s even the least bit mushy, I just can’t eat it. And I like watermelon flavoured candy, too. Watermelon jelly bellies, f’rinstance, are second only to juicy pear. And i’ve talked before about the watermelon Jolly Ranchers and the massive amounts of drool they produce.

My Aunt W., who lovingly lets me trounce her on a regular basis at….

Words With Friends! I’m so addicted. I run to the computers in the cafe during my break to get a round in, and then I play it when I get home. It was worse—I would read books on my kindle and play words with friends on my nook. But somehow it quit working on my nook. So I don’t play into the wee small hours, and when I wake up at 2 or 3, I just go back to sleep instead of playing a round or two. Geesh. I sound like an addict, don’t I?

Writing. I love writing. Izzy and I absolutely MUST finish our books because I would love to not have to get up every morning at disgustingly early hours and go to work. I’d rather sleep until 10 a.m., putter around, and then write from 10 pm until 2 or 3 a.m. And get paid for it, I should probably add. I’m fond of money.

Weirdness.  I personally could never be called weird (ahem), but I have lots of friends and family who are weird beyond measure. (And the fact that I finally got down how to spell the word correctly from an episode of 21 Jump Street, where Johnny Depp, playing a very weird character, creepily told some chick that he always remembered that “we” are “weird.” That’s not weird at all. Nope.)

Whistling. I love to whistle, and do it frequently, to the not infrequent annoyance of those around me. Fortunately, my boss Mel whistles a lot, so we get along.  I also love watching Emmylou race around the place when I start whistling. It often leads to a good rousing game of “I’m gonna getcha,” which is both entertaining and exercising. Ish.

Waggy tails. Emmylou has a deliciously waggy tail. And a wiggly butt. It’s fun when we’re near the end of a game of I’m gonna getcha, and she’s on the bed halfway under the sheet, and as I slowly and menacingly draw nearer and nearer, her tail thumps faster and faster, and the sheet’s moving back and forth–awesome.

Wondering. I’m wondering what the heck I’m gonna do tomorrow for X day.

Over and out!

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