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Izzybella again, guest-posting. Chauceriangirl’s computer is toaster-caked.  That’s a “t” word.  🙂  It’s meeting a repair-man shortly, but in the mean-time, here’s some less sad “t” words for you.  Please note, I’m trying very hard to find “t” words Chauceriangirl personally grooves on.

Let’s start with True Blue, a fantastic band featuring the talents of one fantastic dude named Pat. They’re giving away a free CD via this very blog.  Would you like to win?  Of course, you would.  All you have to do is comment on this post.  You can get a second entry by posting a link to this blog on your own blog.  Just come back and leave the link and you can be entered twice.

Tea, especially sweet tea, but really just tea in general.  Chauceriangirl especially likes a store called Teavana, which is like tea and nirvana all in one sweet package.  She bought a really cool kettle there along with some super yummy teas and let me try them.  They were delish.  Like seriously top par stuff.

T.S. Eliot.  For a while there, she was really into his poetry.

Totally tubular.  When I was a kid she got into Valley Girl speak-only in an ironic way, though.

Target.  Target is the big-box store of choice.  You can keep your Wal Marts and your K Marts.  CG’ll take Target, thank you very much.  She’s capable of spending a lot of money there.  It’s a little scary.

Tales.  As in Canterbury.  She is named Chauceriangirl, after all.  Her love for Chaucer is deep, abiding and true.

Tails. As in wagging puppy dog tails.  She currently has one Emmy Lou Who dog, but there’s always room at the inn for more.  So don’t be surprised at her eventual “I have a new family member post!!”  I’m telling you, it’s coming soon…

Texas.  As in Deep in the heart of…where we live.  As in Don’t mess with.  Texas is great.  How many states offer such topographical variety without ever once leaving it’s borders?  The major downside is Rick Perry, but he won’t be governor forever.

Theatre.  I had to make one of these all about me.  I love theatre so much I got my degree in it.  That doesn’t make me a fantastic actor or anything-mostly it makes me a nerd.  But I do love the theatre…

Thunderstorms.  Another thing Texas does well.  They can scare the crap out of you out here, but there is something kind of magnificent about it.

Traveling. Yes, please.

Any favorite “t” words I missed?  Leave them in comments…


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