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(Disclaimer: though this post says it’s from Izzybella, it’s really from Chauceriangirl.  Izzybella is just posting for her as Chauceriangirl currently does not have access to the interwebs.)

1-Q.  In keeping with the Muppet heavy nature of this alphabet list, the first thing that came to mind is an old Ernie & Bert sketch from Sesame Street.  Ernie lures Bert into his trap: “I say 1-Q, then you say 2-Q,” and so on.  Bert initially is reluctant, but somehow one can’t turn Ernie down. So when Bert enthusiastically arrives at “10-Q, ”Bernie says, “You’re welcome,” and sniggers. (Izzybella tried to find it on You Tube, but didn’t…she found another one with with Oscar the Grouch.  Izzybella would also like to add that since she is a dirty girl, she found 4Q just as hilarious.)

2-Q.  Queen. I remember living in Georgia and “Another One Bites the Dust” was very popular. I can’t remember if it’s a Weird Al version or if our little group thought of it, but we sang, “Another One Rides the Bus” every morning whilst waiting for our school bus. I didn’t really get the whole gay thing back then, and admired Freddie Mercury in all his total weirdness.  I must have had an inkling, though, as I never developed a crush on him like I did on so many other rock stars.

And it seems appropriate that Adam Lambert is now filling in for Mercury.

3-Q. Quicksand. Random, huh? But I used to believe in it with all my heart. Some day, somewhere, I was going to be walking across a beach or in a wooded area and accidentally step into a patch of quicksand that would suck me in faster than you can say “Help!” And I would be saved at the last minute only because someone would hold out a convenient branch and pull me out. Or else I would die.

4-Q. Queen, Evil, as in from Snow White. That woman gave me nightmares. And it didn’t help that when I was going through my scared of the dark phase, which lasted a ridiculously long time, we had a tree behind my bedroom window, and one of the branches would tap menacingly whilst I was lying in bed, completely terrified, and the shadow looked like that evil witch.

5-Q. Quiznos. Didn’t they have some weird commercial with monkeys or something? I dunno. I prefer Subway, so I seldom do Quiznos anyway.

6-Q. Quote. I know I’m fighting a losing battle, but I maintain that “quote” is a verb and “quotation” is a noun. Period. End of discussion. One of my favourite QUOTATIONS from The Canterbury Tales is about the Clerk: “Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche.” I QUOTE that frequently.

7-Q.  Q, that evil manipulative dude from ST:TNG. I thought he was kinda cute, but boy was he naughty!

8-Q. Qi, the word that so frequently gives me at least a nice 11 points in Words With Friends.

9-Q. Quinoa. Pronounced keen-wah. It’s a grain (I think), and it’s really good, high protein, and I just love it. Spiral Diner (tune in Saturday for more) has some great quinoa dishes.

10-Q. Quiver. One among many reasons I dislike romance novels. Too many things quiver—her thighs, her breasts, his engorged tumescence, etc. Ugh. The only time my thighs quiver is when I’ve been bowling with my wii for too long. And trust me when I tell you that’s nothing to write home about.

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