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First and foremost, I must thank the incomparable Izzybella for filling in for me yesterday. (It’s really today, because I’m typing this up on Monday night, but work with me here.)  My computer went kablooie the other day when it started to slide, and I attempted to catch it, and hosed the screen. So my awesome husband went out today and got me a replacement monitor that we’re using until we can get the replacement screen. So go Joe!

Okay. On to the letter of the day:  O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar. My doctor, the totally awesome Dr. L, is named Oscar. Not his first name, his middle name. Oscar Oscar Oscar. It doesn’t really suit him, but there you have it. And then there’s Oscar the Grouch, whom I adore and have since childhood.

It occurs to me that this alphabet recital has been muppet heavy. Just wait–I’ve got a huge treat coming on S Day!

Onions.  I enjoy eating onions. One of my very favourite smells is chopped onions and garlic sizzling in olive oil.  Mmmmmm.  But once when I was a lot younger and much dumber, I was weeding someone’s garden and ignorantly pulled up all of the onions. :blush  I’m so sorry!!!

Olives. I also love olives. Green olives, stuffed with pimiento, the classics that my mother weaned us on. And then I discovered black olives, and how fun it is to poke your fingers through the holes and eat them one at a time. And then I got a little fancier and found how much I love kalamatas and other varieties, and my olive love just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Orgasm. NARS makes this awesome blush that makes you look like you just had a very interesting time, and the colour is called Orgasm, and it looks lovely on everybody. Don’t believe me? Go sample it at Sephora or some similar place.

And I guess that’s all. I’m kind of having trouble coming up with good O words, but that could be because my throat is just killing me and it’s been a very stressful day.  Tune in tomorrow for P–it’s going to be a lulu! Here’s a little hint:


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