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Hello, readers of the most excellent Chauceriangirl.  She is currently down and out with strep throat and asked me – Izzybella –  to take over the ‘N’ post of her A to Z challenge.  Because I adore her, I said yes.

Let’s start with New York City.  Neither Chauceriangirl nor I have been to NYC, but we have tentative plans to go in May, assuming all the stars properly align and the gods favor us.  Here are a few things we’d like to see while in NYC: a Broadway play or six, Times Square, Union Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, MoMA, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, Stroll down 5th Avenue, eat at the Stage Deli, see the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island (this includes taking the Staten Island Ferry), Grand Central Station (take the metro!!! Don’t laugh, this is very exciting for Texas folk who have never been on a Subway)…just to name a few.  If you happen to have NYC experience and want to suggest something in the comments, please do!!!

Nieces and Nephews.  Between Chauceriangirl’s (and my) family and her husband’s family, she has a whole entire boatload of nieces and nephews.  She is quite a doting aunt-she spoils them mightily and then gives them back to their parents all sugared up and rambunctious.  All brothers and sisters (in-law, step-, and otherwise) truly appreciate it.  Really.  I mean that.

The Nook.  Now ebookwise was Chauceriangirl’s first e-reader (girl knows a brilliant idea when she sees one), but she didn’t really get enthusiastic about ebook readers until she got her Nook.  She has since also purchased a Kindle.  As she herself will tell you, “Yes, I need both of them.”  For her the Nook/Kindle has two benefits: one, she likes to read.  I mean really, really, really, really likes to read.  As in, she is a voracious reader.  Does she library?  Well, yes, sometimes, but as an inveterate re-reader, she mostly buys.  This means she has a copious amount of books.  She could probably furnish a small public library with the contents of her book collection.  Since getting her e-reader(s), she has donated many of her paper books and now has much more room at home.  Benefit #2?  Well, we all like to shame-read on occasion-this way we don’t get caught.  By “we all” I don’t necessarily mean you, unless you have something you’d like to confess?

Nurses ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chauceriangirl and I love Dr. L’s nurse, P.  She’s fabulous; knowledgable, caring, funny, calm-just the right person to talk to in case of emergency.  We also love our nurse friend, Gypsy, for the same reason, plus she is good quirky, strange fun!!  Finally my job requires me to work directly with student nurses.  I am so impressed by all the crap a person will go through to become a nurse.  The courses are NOT easy, the exams are brutal, clinical will beat a person down and you have no time for anything except school, school, school.  Seriously, you have to WANT to be a nurse to willingly go through all that.  And if you are a nurse, you are mighty.

Names, as in great names.  Chauceriangirl and I collect them.  I would share some of them, but it seems a gross invasion of each individual’s privacy, so I won’t.  It’s very difficult.  My fingers want to type them because you wouldn’t believe some of the crazy names we have come across throughout our lives…they’re some doozies.  Trust me on this.  We both think names are incredibly important and can’t understand why a parent would saddle their kid with a name doomed to ruin their lives.  Click here for an excellent example.

Noodles.  I love noodles.  Chauceriangirl is not quite as much a fan of noodles as I am, though she does like Thai food.  Me, I love noodles in spaghetti sauce, Pad Thai, or good old-fashioned olive oil and parmesan.  Nummy, nummy noodles!!!

And since we’re on food, how about nachos?  I am from Texas and therefore love gooey cheesy numminess spread all over crispy chips,  Maybe add some sour cream and guacamole.  I even like the crappy movie nachos with the disgusting cheese sauce.  I’m telling you movies and movie nachos go together like peas and carrots.  In Texas there are two major food groups: fried and cheesy.  We’ll fry anything and turn anything into nachos.  Examples of nachos I have eaten here in the Lone Star State: cheese nachos, bean and cheese nachos, fajita nachos, brisket nachos, fish nachos, ice cream nachos (to DIE for, cinnamon coated chips with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce-seriously one of my best friends had a total … um … moment with the ice cream nachos. To this day we make fun of her…) italian nachos-the list goes on.

So there’s some ‘N’ words for you.  Chauceriangirl should be back tomorrow.  If not, I’m sure she’ll invite someone right nifty to guest-post.

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