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Mmm Mmm Mmm

I have lots of wonderful aunts, and I love them, each and every one. Aunt Mary, who married my Uncle Lee, is definitely lovable. She is sweet and kind and good-hearted, and I think that one of the smartest things Uncle Lee ever did (and he’s a dang smart dude, trust me) was to marry Aunt Mary. You guys don’t have her for your aunt, and I feel sorry for you. Although I’m sure she’d be willing to share, because her heart is just that big.

Mannekin Pis. I read about this when I was a kid, and the whole story just enchanted me. I always believed the story I’d been told–a wealthy merchant’s little son disappeared one day, and they were conducting a city-wide search. When the child was found, he was buck naked and peeing into a fountain. I just now wiki’d it, and found out that there are several other versions of the story, but since this is my favourite, I’m sticking with it.  When Joe was in Brussels earlier this month, he kindly brought me back a little Mannekin Pis statue that’s sitting proudly on my desk at work. And the little boy isn’t fated to be starkers all the time, as he has a variety of costumes in which he is dressed.

Isn’t he a cutie? And apparently once in a while they hook him up to a beer keg, and serve the beer to passers-by. That’s kind of gross, if you think about, so I think I’m going to pass on that one.

Magnets. I have a thing for magnets. Like the one Izzybella stuffed into my Christmas stocking a few years ago:

Because while I enjoy cooking, I really hate cleaning. As in really, really, really hate it.   I have a number of inspirational magnets on my desk and cube walls at work, too. Magnets are fun.

Molly.  There’s no way I could have an M list without including my beloved border collie, Molly Fluffybutt. (As an aside, all of our dogs have middle names with some variety of butt. Stanislaus Stinkbutt; Molly Fluffybutt; Scout was also a stinkbutt; and Emmylou Wigglebutt.) We adopted her back in May of 2000, and she was the cutest little puppy you could imagine. Her fur was soft and fine, and stuck straight out in an afro. When we tried to take her out of the pet store, she planted it and refused to go any further. So Joe had to pick her up and hold her, while I drove home. Then when we tried to take her for a walk, she would go to the end of our property line and plant it. It took a while before she realised that there was a great huge world beyond the borders that she was used to. We had her for 12 years, and I wish we’d had another 12 years. She was so smart and so funny and so lovable. I miss her like crazy.

Marshall’s. I love to shop, but I hate to spend a lot of money for things. So Marshall’s is one of my go-to places. I can usually find household decor that’s exactly what I want for exactly what I feel it’s worth. And every now and again I’ll find a top that’s affordable and cute. Like the one I’m wearing today, which is dark blue with white strips, and dolman sleeves. Yay for Marshall’s!

My niece M. Her mother died some years ago, and her father rightfully is protecting her as much as possible from the things her mother did and the way she died. Unfortunately for us, he also is protecting her from her mother’s family, who are good, decent people and who love her desperately. Izzybella and I have a private blog, and every  now and then we write letters to M, with the intention of allowing her access to that blog once she’s old enough and–we hope–chooses to seek out her mother’s family.  Please understand I’m not criticizing her father. He’s taking very good care of M., and his wife has legally adopted her. I just miss her. I keep a photograph of her with my sister on my desk at work, and look at it every day. She’s a treasure and a joy. And I can say that no matter what my sister did right or did wrong in her life, she cherished her daughter, and always put her welfare above anything else.

Movies. I love going to the movies, which makes it odd to think how rarely I go. I did manage to see 2 movies last weekend, and I’m planning to see a few this weekend as well. I like most movies that I see, because I’m able to willingly suspend disbelief, and figure that if I’ve forked out some cash to see it, I’m going to enjoy it. Of course, even with that there are some movies that I’ve just hated for their sheer unfunny stupidity (I enjoy funny stupidity, though), or the degrees of violence. It’s a fine line, and I never know if the film will cross it or not. I’ve only walked out on several movies that I can recall–Coneheads (one of the unfunny stupid movies), Willow (too violent for my taste)–oh man, am I dating myself here–, Clear and Present Danger (which my husband referred to as Effervescent Danger) (too violent for me), Taxi (another unfunny stupid movie)… There are probably a few more but thankfully they don’t come to mind.  I do love a good scary movie, though, as long as it’s not a bloodbath. That means I will go see things like Paranormal Activity but refuse to see things like Saw.

So that’s it for M today. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me–taxes, movies, laundry, and fighting this stinking sore throat that I’ve had since Wednesday  night. Y’all have a great weekend, and come back on Monday for the letter N!

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