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It’s actually still J Day, but since I’m doing this in advance to make sure it goes up on time, we’ll pretend it’s now K Day. Which it will be when you read this, so. Yeah.

I have wanted the following item for several years, and I am bound and determined that once we move back to our house, one of these will be sitting on my countertop:

And then I will make marvelous and wonderful concoctions for all of my friends and family and you’ll have to come and eat them with me.

Another of my very very very most favourite K things is my nephew K. He is a saxophone player, and I’m determined he’ll be the next Stan Getz. Although how he’ll accomplish that when he refuses to learn Girl from Ipanema (I even bribed him!). Anyway, he’s magnificently funny, has a magnificent head of ginger hair, and doesn’t object when I kiss him (his youngest brother still wipes off my kisses, which of course means I kiss him all the more). I adore my K, and he’s graduating from high school this year. Any suggestions for a graduation gift? Besides money, I mean, which goes without saying.

Kindle. ¬†Okay, I’ll admit that I’m late coming to the Kindle game. My first ebook reader was actually an e-bookwise or something like that. It was all right, but clunky, and then I lost the charger and never got around to getting another one. And then the kindle and the nook came out, and they weren’t clunky, and a lot more books were available. So I bought a nook because everyone I knew were buying kindles. I’m kinda ornery that way. And I love my nook. Don’t get me wrong. But I also really really love my kindle. Amazon offers so many free books that I’ve got probably 800 or so, and I only paid for a few of them. The reason I like that, in addition to the fact that I get to read so many books, is that when I find an author I like, I will go and see what else s/he has written. And if the books are affordable and sound interesting, I will buy them. So it does, in my not so humble opinion, behoove the authors to periodically offer their books for free. I think in the long run it might help them get more readers.

And I’ll leave you with one other amazingly incredible K person:

Kermitty Frog! Okay, I know it’s really Kermit The Frog (and what the heck kind of middle name is The anyway?), but when I was a kid I called him Kermitty Frog, or Kermit E. Frog, which makes a lot more sense, if you ask me. He’s so cute and squishyfull, you kind of get why Miss Piggy is in love with him. I’d marry him. You know, if I were a muppet and not already married.

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