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What the H?????

Hot dog! I can never see a hot dog, or hear the phrase “hot dog” without thinking of It’s a Wonderful Life, when George Bailey hits the lighter and then says “Hot dog!”  So that’s one part of hot dog. Then there’s the fact that Scout and Emmylou are both dachshund-lab mixes. A year or two before Scout died (hence before we adopted Emmylou), I found a really cute stuffed dachshund wearing a hot dog bun. If you pressed his paw, he sang and danced to “Hot, hot, hot!”  When we found that in the debris post fire, it struck us both as very amusing and not amusing at the same time. So that’s part two of hot dog. Then there are Hebrew National hot dogs, which are the ne plus ultra of hot dogs. That’s part three, the end, amen.

Heat. I live in Texas. Granted that there are plenty of places that get far hotter than it does here where I live. However, I’m incredibly heat sensitive, and find the summers just about unbearable. Last summer was just nasty, almost breaking the record for number of sequential days over 100 degrees that was set back in 1980. And yes, I lived here back then, too, although I was younger and much slimmer. I took my brother and sister to the indoor community swimming pool in Plano, and we spent our days in the water. I’m hoping this summer will be at least a wee bit cooler than last summer.

Hans Holbein. Brilliant German artist. Here’s a painting he did of Sir Thomas More:

How can you not love Hans Holbein? Brilliant work. Even in my dreams I can’t do art like that. (Disclosure: I’m lucky to be able to do recognisable stick figures.)

Haydn. Handel. I love listening to their music, and only dream of being able to play it on the piano. Unfortunately, my less than a year of piano lessons means that while it’s a miracle I can play as well as I do, I fall very far short of what I’d like to do. But I can still enjoy it when I hear it on the radio.

Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. When you see a depiction of him, he has a falcon head. Isis’s brother, Set, was jealous of Osiris, and murdered him and discarded his dismembered body parts all over the place. Set threw Osiris’s penis into the Nile, where it was eaten by a catfish. Isis managed to find all of the other parts of Osiris’s body, and fashioned a penis of gold, and brought him back to life. When she was pregnant with Horus, she had to flee and hide from her brother. Horus became the sky god, and you may have seen depictions of the Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye, and a talisman for safety and prosperity.

Hunger Games. I read the books last year sometime, and absolutely loved them. The first book seems like the perfect example of a dystopian society, and when you finish, you think, “Cool. She defeated them. All is well.” And then you start the second novel and you think, “Oh, crap! All is not well! This can’t end nicely.” The books get increasingly more complex, as do the decisions Katniss is forced to make. Anyway, so yeah, loved the books. Then CCJames and I went to see the movie on Friday night, and wow! What an amazing adaptation! Normally when it’s a book vs. movie thingie, it’s always book. Very few times have I reluctantly conceded that yeah, either it’s a tie or else the movie won. This is one of those tie situations. I loved the casting and the insane costuming. I cried when Rue died. Brilliant, brilliant job.

And last, but far from least (and you know I’d never forget this one): Harry Freakin’ Potter!  I heart Harry Potter. The incomparable Izzybella was living in Utah and I’d gone out there to visit her. She had to work a shift so I sat in her flat and perused her bookshelves. There was a small book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and it looked amusing, so I read it. And I loved it. And I think perhaps the second had already been released and was on her shelf, so I read it as well. And that was the end of that. I was a bonafide golly gee Harry Potterholic. I did the picking up the books at midnight thing. I did the go see the movies at midnight thing (except for the first movie, when I was sick or else recovering from surgery). I attended Harry Potter parties. I ate chocolate whilst reading the new releases to protect myself from the dementors. I ate Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and nearly vomited when I got a soap flavoured one. (And no, I’ll never eat those again.) I’ve eaten Chocolate Frogs, but alas, they didn’t jump but just sat there on the cards looking deliciously pathetic.  I’ve eaten sherbet lemons and love them. I wondered what some of the other foods described in the books were, and searched them out and have eaten some of them (peppermint humbugs, for example). I even went, with the incomparable Izzybella, or course, to a Harry Potter convention and had an absolute blast. Jim Dale was the keynote speaker, and he graciously autographed one of my audiobooks (I’m thinking it was the Goblet of Fire, but not sure) and let me take a picture with him. (If you want to see the photos, search for the Portus events on my blog and you’ll see all kinds of awesome goodness.)  And apparently J.K. Rowling loves the letter H as well, because not only is her hero an H person, but so are some other awesome people. Hagrid! Hermione! Hedwig!

So here’s to Harry Potter and all the lovely things that start with H!

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