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Before we get into the D’s, I have to tell you about yesterday afternoon. We had tornados and hail and nasty storms all over the place. We got evacuated twice at work, sent into the conference rooms, bathrooms, anywhere that was windowless. Fortunately no tornados hit us here. Unfortunately, our parking lot and building got pegged with baseball to softball sized hail. A lot of people had major damage to their cars. My rear window got smashed out, and there is glass all over the interior. Thank goodness I cleaned out my car a few weeks ago, because that would have been some nasty mess.  I’m in a rental car until my car is drivable once more. And you’re not allowed to laugh, but my rental car is not the Malibu or equivalent we reserved. See, the rental car lots got pegged just as badly as our parking lot did, so I am driving a minivan. I’ve been saying that one of the blessings that comes with not being able to have children is that I don’t have to drive a minivan. !!!

(My car, obviously, not the minivan.)


Dogs!!  I love dogs. You might have guessed that from the fact that we always have at least one dog (singular) and, preferably, two dogs (plural). We got into dog ownership by a series of unusual events. One morning, back in 2000, when I was getting ready to drive Joe to work, there was a teeny tiny dog sitting in our driveway smiling at us.  I didn’t know who his owners were, and didn’t want to leave him running loose to possibly get injured, so we just picked him up and took him with us. He was absolutely adorable, and Joe was saying that if he were our dog, we’d name him Stan. When I got back home, I started knocking on doors, and found out Stan lived next door.  Every time they opened the door, he came running over to our house, and they finally gave up and asked if we wanted him. We had him for 3 months or so, and unfortunately managed to get out of our back yard and got hit by a car. We were devastated, but decided the only way to start healing was to adopt another dog. Enter Molly, a darling sweet smart lovable border collie. Then we added Scout to our family some years later. Molly died last spring, and we adopted Emmylou so Scout wouldn’t be alone. Then Scout died far too soon, of kidney disease, so Emmylou is alone. But she has plenty of playmates at the apartment, and when we are able to move back home, we’ll adopt another dog again. So yeah. Dogs. Love ’em.

(Miss Emmylou Who, aka Emmylou Wigglebutt, aka Mrs. Wiggle-Squiggles)

Dreadlocks. Don’t laugh, okay? Obviously I’ll never have dreadlocks myself. I would look absolutely ridiculous with dreadlocks. But when I seem them on people who can carry them off, I just want to go hug them and tell them how much I love their hair.

Bob Marley & the Wailers Live Forever

Awesome dreads! (And you know, Bob Marley rocking those dreads.)

Dimples on a baby’s cheeks. What’s cuter than that? Well, dimples on a baby’s butt, maybe, but normally the butts are covered while the face isn’t. I’m looking at a snap of one of my grand nephews, and he’s got the most darling dimples.

David Bowie. Drool.

Dante. I took a conference class in Dante from one of my uni professors. It was great. I read La Vita Nuova, and the entire Divine Comedy. Is it bad to say that I vastly prefer Inferno to Purgatory & Paradise? Studying up to understand the politics behind why Dante placed certain people where they were placed really made it come alive for me. My trifecta are Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Dante. It would be a sad, sorry world if either one of those three were missing, in my not so humble opinion.

Dulce de leche Girl Scout cookies. Those things are seriously delicious. When I got my first box, I literally ate the whole thing in two hours.  So when I bought a second box, I made sure to only eat 3 cookies and left it where Joe could finish them off for me.

Dancing, even though I pretty much suck at it. I think it’s fun. There is one dance I do every day: the Emmy Emmy Shake. My little Emmylou does the cutest butt shake dance, and I dance with her until my gimp knee starts hurting and I have to stop.

One of my sister friends, D (aka Amethyst). I met her when I was doing my first play with MoMentuM. I adore her and her little dog, too, and don’t get to see her nearly often enough.

My Daddy, whom I defnitely don’t get to see often enough. He is a funeral director, and works crazy insane hours and shifts. I used to see him at least once a week, for Saturday breakfast, but while I’m living in the apartment, there just ain’t no way I’m going to get up early enough to get from Grapevine to East Ft. Worth by 7 a.m. His birthday was yesterday, and with all the kerfuffle about the storms and my car, it wasn’t until 8:30 or so before I finally got to call him. He’s a real sweetie. If you know my Daddy, you love him. It’s as simple as that.

And I’d better stop now, or you’ll get so bored you’ll quit reading. Tune in tomorrow for the lovely letter E!!!

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