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A is for…..

A while back, apparently full of self-confidence, I signed up for the A to Z challenge. It seemed fun–start with A and work my way down to Z, with “Sundays off for good behaviour.” Except this Sunday, since it’s the day for the letter A!

A is for:

Apples. The crunchier the better. I like them so hard you could fire them through the side of a barn.  If I take a bite of an apple, and it feels mushy in my mouth, I can’t eat it. I know, I’m weird that way. (Izzybella is about to tell you that I’m weird in a lot of ways, and while she’s right about that, that’s not for today’s discussion. Weird will be on day W.)

My honourary daughter A. She is off at college, and doing brilliantly, and I’m so proud of her. And she’s spending the summer in Mexico, and I know she will have a fantastic time. When she left for college, I informed her that she is not permitted to get married at least until she has her bachelors degree. So far, so good. And she calls me on mother’s day, a day I completely hate, loathe, despise, and detest, because she says I’m like her second mother. See? I’m tearing up just typing that.

Adventures. I love going on adventures. Izzybella and I gave ourselves a stern talking-to today, and we agreed that we are going to get serious with the latest book idea. And part of the research for said book will involve some fun adventures in the state of Texas. I can’t tell you more, because we want you to read the book when we’re finished with it, but suffice it to say, brrr! 🙂  No more hints.  And we’re hoping we can convince my bff CCJ to come with us, at least on some of those adventures.  And additionally, even though I’m bummed my Great Britain vacation got canceled, I am extremely excited to be going to NYC and taking Izzybella along for the trip. So Izzy and I are also figuring out what adventures we want to have while we’re there. Any suggestions? Anyone want to try to get together while we’re in the Big Apple?

Anne of Green Gables. I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables when I was a kid, and was thrilled beyond belief to find, when I was in my late teens/early 20’s, that there were quite a few sequels, as well as plenty of other books by the author, L.M. Montgomery. I think at this point I’ve read all of her books and short stories, and some of her journals. My sister, the incomparable Izzybella, has all the journals. I really do need to borrow them and read them.

Aerosmith.  I LOVE Aerosmith, Dude Looks Like a Lady being one of my favourites.

Aida. Izzybella and I went to see Aida at Dallas Fair Park Music Hall. It was enchanting. However, one of the things we loathe about Dallas Fair Park Music Hall is that the ushers will seat people even if it’s halfway through the act, which can be very disruptive. So we tend not to go there, although we did venture out that way for Wicked (another W word!).

American Pie. The song, not the movie.

So here’s A, and please tune in for B, tomorrow!

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