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After 3 1/2 days of abject misery, my foot is so much better. Thank goodness! Joe seems to think I was making too much of it, but all I can say is he’s not the one with 8 pustules on one foot. I’m just sayin’.  (Honestly–I think it’s because I had so many bites on that foot. I had some bites on the other foot, and one on my right calf, but they didn’t hurt anywhere near the way my left foot did.)

I read a truly dreadful book while I was soaking last night, but it was one of those hideous train wreck books that you don’t want to read but you have to find out what happened even though you hate everyone in the book. Ugh. I don’t recommend it. And the language and sex and violence? Nasty. Do teenagers really talk that way all the time, and do they really have sex all the time? I mean, I was a teenager once upon a time, and my hormones were as fast and furious as anyone else’s, but I definitely didn’t talk the way the teenagers in this book did. I’m not telling you the name, because I don’t want anyone to read it because of me.

Anyway, lots to do today. Just checking in to report that I have a lovely lack of itchy pain on my ugly fire-ant scarred left foot. And that means I won’t be mellowed out all day because of having to take Benadryl every 3 hours. Woot!



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