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Good Intentions

Well, I sort of did some of the stuff I intended to. Like yesterday, after work. I went to the store and got the stuff I needed to make my homemade cleaning supplies. Woot!

Um, I also went to a different store and got a fantastic black storage trunk (really cheap), some pictures to hang on the walls, and I forget what else.

Good Intentions

So this morning I got awakened at 7 freakin’ a.m. on a Saturday!!!  Yeah, even when he’s on another continent, my husband has made it his mission to ensure I don’t sleep in on Saturdays. Boo.  But it was nice talking to him, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

Then I dawdled a lot. I mean a LOT. I played Words with Friends and played with Emmylou and dawdled some more. And then I went out. I decided to go to the British Emporium and get a desktop TARDIS for Soquel, only alas, they didn’t have any. But I got a few other little goodies. And I decided to do what I’ve been intending for ages, and explored the little antique shop next to the British Emporium. Love it! I picked up a really pretty black candelabra. And there’s a lamp I’m dying to get for our new living room but it was expensive enough I didn’t do it. I’ll definitely be dragging Joe there next weekend, though. I want that lamp.

And I went to World Market and bought some more stuff I didn’t need. And on my way home I stopped at Cozymel’s for lunch (and ultimately dinner). And then I came back to our flat and cleaned half of the living room. Then I plopped on the sofa and watched 5 DVR’d episodes of Criminal Minds. I love SSA Derek Morgan. You love him too, even if you don’t know it.

Seriously? What’s not to love?  And while I’m at it, you also love Spencer Reid. Don’t know him either?

And Hotch has a new girlfriend, and it’s great watching him smile. And Rossi, and I adore Garcia, and oh heck, here’s everyone:

This is really a fantastic show. Great writing, great acting, great character development. It’s always a little sad for me when I find something I enjoy this much and then I get all caught up and I’m ready for more, but there’s no more for me. Fortunately, it will start back up again after March Madness is over, and it got renewed for an 8th season. So I get to enjoy the awesomeness that is Criminal Minds for a while longer yet.

So I didn’t do even a smidgen of the cleaning I intended to do, and that I need to do. But I have another day left in the weekend, so there is hope. I’ve got the laundry piled in the hall ready to get washed.  Don’t give up on me just yet. Must say, though, it was nice being really doggone lazy today.

Speaking of lazy, Emmylou has spent most of the day lounging on the patio. I made her come in when it got dark, promising her that when we move back to the house she can sit out in the backyard all the time. I just looked over and she is lying on the sofa, totally pooped out. Let me be more specific: She is on top of my awesome white blanket from Ikea, and under a pillow. Lap of luxury much?  She ate a can of puppy chicken stew, and some gravy dog biscuits, and a greenie, and her tummy is full and happy. I hope she’ll be ready to go to bed when I am.


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