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Just Now…

current time: 11:43am
in my mug: a delicious ice cold beverage
in my belly: Potato soup and fresh strawberries
in my ears: the whir of my desk fan and a silly song that’s going through my head
in my bag: The usual suitcase full of stuff, including wallet, bills, cell phone, Gas-X, crumpled up receipts, change and loose bills that need to go into my awesome Dalek bank.
feeling good about: realising some of the tremendous changes that I’ve made over the last year
feeling bummed about: all the cleaning I have to do this weekend and how I’m behind with some reading that needs to get done, and the fact that my car A/C does NOT need freon, but that the compressor isn’t switching on and wondering how much it will cost to fix it
thinking about: the insane legislation being passed in Arizona, the even more insane Rush Limbaugh and his hate-filled rhetoric against women, wondering how I can make a positive change in the world, and wondering what Joe will think when I get an Obama sign to put in the front yard of our house when we move back home.
So tomorrow’s the big clean. I never did get around to shopping for my cleaning supplies this week. I sort of went home and vegged. So today when I get off work I’m going to the store, with my list of recipes for homemade cleaning supplies, and I’ll get them mixed up and ready for use first thing in the morning.

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