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I approached the end of 2011 with the utmost confidence that 2012 was going to be My Year! A year of discovery, a year in which things would go well, a year in which I wouldn’t have so many of the negative things that happened in 2011.

But just changing the date on the calendar, changing the year, doesn’t magically mean everything changes. And the last few weeks have been incredibly rough on me.

Don’t worry–it doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my dreams. I haven’t. Yesterday, heart in my throat, I applied for a supervisory position at work. I don’t meet all of the minimum requirements, so if there is someone applying who does, that person would have an edge over me. But I am confident that I can do that position, and if given the opportunity, will prove myself. I had nightmares all night pertaining to the interview process, and today my heart is in my stomach, bouncing around, making me feel queasy.

Joe’s been frustrating to deal with lately. I mean even more so than usual. He’s wigging out over my shoe situation. See, my left knee is an artificial knee. I fondly (or not-so-fondly, depending) refer to it as my gimp knee.  And I wrenched it quite badly last week after wearing heels two days in a row. I got the okay from my boss to wear sneakers until the absolutely adorable pair of Skechers I ordered came in. So yesterday morning, when Joe saw me put on my sneakers with my black work pants, he had a conniption fit. To save the peace, I ended up putting on a pair of flats. The only problem is, the flats are as hard on my knee as heels that are too high. Fortunately, my new Skechers came yesterday, and they’re cute and extremely comfortable. But according to Joe, they’re not good enough. They could be the difference between my getting the job and not getting the job. Is he right? I don’t know. I doubt it. But he’s so genuinely distressed, because he genuinely wants to help me be better than my best, and achieve everything I want to. So after work today we’re meeting at DSW to buy me new work shoes that have just the right heel height. If they’re even half as comfortable as my cute new Skechers, it’ll just be a bonus.

Then he told me to put on a jacket or something to cover my arms because my arm flab is showing. I nearly cried. He doesn’t know how hurtful he can be. And when I try to explain it, he’s so defensive because he just wants to help me. 

Shape-ups X Wear - Hyper Active

These are the shoes that he says will cost me the promotion.


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