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I’m gonna gitcha, gitcha, gitcha!

That’s one of Emmylou Who’s favourite games. I can always tell when she wants to play I’m Gonna Gitcha because she’ll lie down and look at me very intently. Then I very slowly and deliberately start to move toward her, staring her in the eyes. Then she’ll rocket off the couch into the bedroom, back into the living room, around the coffee table, onto the couch, etc. Every now and then she’ll let me catch her, and I rub her tummy and then back off and we’re good for another round.  If you’ve ever seen it, you’ll know it’s just about the cutest thing ever. It’s also dang good exercise, although not great for my gimp knee.

Her other favourite game is Bite da Momma.  She lays on her back and waves her paws at me, and I wave my hands at her, and let her gnaw on my hand for a while. I’ve learned that I can’t play Bite da Momma when I first get home from work, because she’s too excited and will leave deep indentations in my hand (no blood or anything–she is very careful not to break the skin). But once she settles down a bit, we play Bite da Momma, and she’ll chew on my fingers, or my hands, or my arms, and it’s very sweet.

She’s a very long dog. When she first sees you, she gets so excited that her whole heinie is waggling back and forth. We call it “The Emmy Emmy Shake.” And the tail starts thumping. And you know that she’s just about ready to jump out of her skin for joy. She is frequently in a relaxed C shape when that’s happening, with her back side not so far from her front side.

She never met a stranger.  She’s tried to haul me up to someone’s apartment so she can ask if they will come out and play. I’ve had to go up to strangers and say, “Excuse me, but my dog would like to say hello,” and fortunately everyone I’ve talked to is happy to say hello to her and love on her for a bit. Last time Izzybella came over, we took Emmylou for a walk, and she was trying so hard to go greet another dog who was 30 feet away or so that she was literally hopping on her hind legs because the leash wasn’t long enough and my gimp knee won’t let me run with her. She loves other dogs, and is always ready to play.  When we leave the apartment, we’re definitely going to have to get another dog so she’ll have someone to play with.  I’ve taken her over to my Dad’s and Monster’s home, and their old dog is way too old to be up to playing, and even the younger dog is a bit put off by Emmylou’s exuberance.

At the apartment there is one guy who has 3 dogs, all rather big. She is delighted to see them, and wants to play with them, but is apparently rather intimidated by them, because she pees herself constantly while she’s playing with them.  It cracks me up.

She hates wearing clothes, but has figured out that whenever we make her wear clothes, she gets to go outside. She doesn’t have a hugely thick coat of hair like Molly did, and when it’s cold, it’s cold. So she has several outfits–one is a purple and pink and white striped hoodie that is so freakin’ cute; she also has a pink quilted coat; a dress with a purple hoodie top and a denim skirt; and a red and white plush Mrs. Santa outfit that she wore on Christmas day. When she sees us pick up her clothes, she starts doing back flips because she’s so excited to go out. Then she tries to gnaw them off because she hates wearing clothes.

She also loves to go for rides. It’s one of her favourite things to do.  She curls up in the seat next to me, if I’m driving by myself, and just sits there and looks cute. Unlike Scout and Molly, she doesn’t bark at people on bikes or motorcycles. If Joe and I are in the car together, she stands up on the back seat and pokes her head in the space between us, to say hello and to see what’s going on.

I can’t tell you how much I miss Molly, and Scout. But I’m so glad to have little Miss Emmylou Wiggle-butt Thumpy Tail Who to be with me.

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