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Just Now

Not feeling very inspired today, so I stole from Jehara:

Emmylou Who snuggled in her blankies and being adorable
current time: 12:27 p.m.
in my mug: half a cup of tea left over from yesterday that I need to take into the kitchen at work and wash
in my belly: a piece of chocolate cake that my boss made for a co-worker’s birthday
in my ears: someone near me talking on the phone
in my bag: my nook, my kindle, my ipod, a letter from GypsyGrrl that I need to answer, and our homestead exemption form that I need to send in
feeling good about: having such amazing sisterfriends, and about being given more opportunities at work that will let me shine, and, I hope, get me promoted to a leadership position.
feeling bummed about: the fact that we STILL don’t have the rest of the money from the insurance company to fix our house and replace the furniture & appliances that need to be replaced.
thinking about: changes
(format courtesy of under the big blue sky.)

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