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A few days ago, I decided I was tired of wearing glasses all the time, so I put in a pair of contacts, grabbed a pair of reading glasses and a pair of sunglasses.

A few days ago, I wore a pair of high heels to work. Yesterday, I wore a pair of high heeled boots to work.  I was sitting at my boss’s desk, and when I got up I wrenched my bad knee and spazzed my back.


This morning I took out the contacts and put the glasses back on. I like being able to see, no matter what I’m looking at.

This morning, despite the fact that I’m wearing brown pants, a leopard print shirt, and a black jacket with shirred sleeves, I’m wearing ugly sneakers. I should qualify that–they’re fine for sneakers, but they’re really ugly with work clothes. My vanity is hurting badly this morning, but my knee feels much better.

And I can see.

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