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The Eternal Struggle

Me vs. My Excess Weight. Avoirdupois. The big heft. Whatever you wanna call it.

I thought when I got my lap band it would be easier. And to some extent it has been. I mean, I lost a good chunk of weight and have kept most of it off.

But I’ve learned how to eat around the band. That’s not a good thing. This is a great tool, but it’s only as useful as I allow it to be.

I’m a member of an email support group for bandsters, and while I rarely, if ever, read the emails, the titles and first lines catch my attention every now and then. I noticed one the other day where the writer was bemoaning the fact that even with the band, s/he was having to go to Weight Watchers.

Oh, Weight Watchers, how I loathe thee. I loathe going to meetings. I loathe tracking every bite of food I put into my mouth. I loathe those stressful weekly weigh-ins.  I loathe thee for the fact that it works.

Yep. It works. If I go to the meetings, and track every bite of food I put into my mouth, and go to those stressful weekly weigh-ins, I lose weight.

So here we go again.

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