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Yesterday Jehara shared with me the joy of elevenses.

Now, when I was a kid and reading Paddington Bear, he always enjoyed his elevenses with a cup of cocoa and a marmalade sandwich. Sounds sticky, and I don’t think I’d care to combine cocoa with marmalade. I swear I’ve read elsewhere about elevenses including Earl Gray tea and a Bath bun. I didn’t know what a Bath bun was, but it sounded lovely. 

I decided to enjoy my elevenses this morning, albeit at 10:30 because that’s when I did it. I brewed a nice cup of Earl Grey tea, added a few cubes of sugar from Mauritius that I purchased at the British Emporium.  I didn’t have a Bath bun, nor indeed a bun or scone or muffin of any sort, but I had the tea. And I sat for 3 or 4 minutes just sipping the tea and letting my mind calm down.

It was nice.

What I would change: it seems proper to enjoy one’s tea in a china cup and saucer instead of a purple Aladdin insulated cup. I would also have a bun or muffin or something.  And now I know what a Bath bun is:

The Bath bun is a rich, sweet yeast dough shaped round that has a lump of sugar baked in the bottom and more crushed sugar sprinkled on top after baking.[1] Variations in ingredients include candied fruit peel, currants or larger raisins or sultanas.

Thank you, Wikipedia. I think I might just have to make a batch of Bath buns to enjoy with my tea. I’ll need to purchase some yeast, but I already have plenty o’ sugar, and I even have currants.

And thank you, Jehara, for the reminder to slow down a bit, as even 3 or 4 minutes can be a lovely break.

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Scary Dreams

Note to self: If you insist upon watching 3 episodes of Criminal Minds before bed, don’t be surprised when you dream that you’re being stalked by a serial killer.

That is all.

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