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Happy Holidays!

I’m yawning so widely that it feels like my jaw is going to split open, so as soon as this post is over I’m headed off to bed. With a Reese’s peanut butter Christmas tree as a bedtime snack. heh

It’s been a really nice day. Joe and I nearly tore each other’s heads off only a few times. :p  Our kitchen is better arranged than it is at home, but it is still too small for two people to be working at the same time. Pat & Clover and kids were coming over tonight, so it was the perfect excuse to cook all the things I like to cook but seldom have the excuse to.

What was on the menu? Why I’m glad you asked!  After Joe and I got home from breakfast with Dad and the Monster and the incomparable Izzybella, I got the cranberries on the stove to make cranberry sauce (a cup each of sugar and water, bring to a boil, stir in a bag of cranberries with some clementine wedges, coarsely chopped, and a little agave nectar for flavour, stir until it looks right, then take it off the stove, transfer to a bowl, and bring to room temperature before chilling). While that was going on, I made some cranberry salsa (a bag of cranberries, a handful of cilantro, 3 clemtines peeled and wedged, the juice from a lime, candied jalapenos (basically pickled jalapenos with a little sweetener), and some agave nectar. Blend everything together in your food processor/blender/chopper/whatever until it’s to your desired consistency. If you’re thinking ahead, make the salsa the day before. When you’re ready to serve it, pour over a block of softened cream cheese), dressing (mix together 2 bags of dried seasoned cornbread cubes, one complete celery heart, sliced, including the leaves, some sliced water chestnuts, a chopped yellow onion; pour 2 sticks of melted butter over it and mix together; then pour a box of chicken broth over it and mix that together; then bake until it’s done.),and sweet potato casserole (bake sweet potatoes until they’re done; then peel them and dump the potatoes into a bowl. Beat them well with some maple syrup and butter. Pour into a casserole, sprinkle chopped pecans on top and, if you like, line big marshmallows around the edges of the casserole, then bake until done). Joe made his famous mashed potatoes, and he took care of cooking the turkey and heating up the ham.

It was a delectable feast.

And it was made even more enjoyable by having our family over.  I always love the time I get to spend with family, whether it be family of birth, family by marriage, or family of choice.



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