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Just Now

(I so totally stole this from Jehara, because I steal a good idea when I see it.)

In my belly: cinnamon sugar cookie cappuccino
In my mug: the mug is empty (see In my belly, above)
In my reader: The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story. I want to read it before seeing the movie in February.
On my Player: DC Dead. There’s some mystery, and a LOT of sex. I’m not really into stories with lots of sex. But I have to listen to the whole story to find out whodunnit, and review it for Quirky Girls.
Currently Obsessed with: the purple knee-high lace-up boots I’m wearing today
The Time: 9:57
Just now I am really loving my new haircut, and feeling very confident as a result.
Just now I am exploring my spirituality and finding joy and delight while I search for answers and guidance.
Just now I am struggling with some personal difficulties. I’m trying to figure out not only what to do, but how and when to do it.
Just now I am confident that I will get promoted to a management position this year, and that my career will continue to soar.
Just now I feel happiness mixed with a lot of anger and frustration. I’ve been writing out the anger and frustration so that I can face it, deal with it, and release it.
Just now I believe that 2012 will be a fantastic year for me.

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