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Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s been such a lovely birthday. Last night Joe took me out and spoiled me rotten again. I have a new supply of Lush bath bombs in my bathroom cupboard. I have a pound of a new flavour of tea and some rock sugar from Teavana in my kitchen cupboard. And I have a wii in a bag in my living room, waiting for Izzy to come over and help me figure out how to hook it up!

Then this morning I had my annual performance review, which went very well.  My team appeared to have forgotten my birthday, but I wasn’t offended. Honestly, I wasn’t. But a little bird reminded Elaine, so she and Melanie came back from lunch with the most gorgeous flowers and a box of chocolates. I feel loved. 🙂

And I’m about to go have lunch with Sarah-bear and I decided to splurge on a shake that I will sip on all afternoon. (I am, in addition, going to actually eat before I get the shake. We’re going to Steak & Shake, where I always get the chili mac.) EDITED TO ADD: I ended up not getting the shake. I also ended up not getting the chili mac. The good news is: I ate almost half of a small burger! Yay! So now I know that when I’m having irresistible burger cravings, I can go get a single steakburger w/cheese from Steak & Shake and I can eat almost half of it! Woot!)

And then I get to go home and snuggle with my sweet Emmylou Who.

And my sissybur is going to spend lots of time with me this weekend!!!!! 

I love days like today.

Oh! And in case you’re wondering, the 21’s have it. I am officially 21 this year. I will add, however, that I love CC James’s suggestion of 85. If there had not been a clear winner, I would have selected 85. And who knows–maybe I’ll be 85 every now and again just for fun. Like when I want to spit in public. (I actually think spitting in public is gross. So I won’t do that. But I will belch. Or fart. Just because I can.)

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