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Friday, November 18, 2011
What has been the happiest moment of your life thus far?

Seriously? I’m supposed to pick A happiest moment?

Ain’t gonna happen. Because there is no one happiest moment.

I was happy when my sister, the incomparable Izzybella was born. At last–a sister! And it was like we’d known each other for millennia, so that was awesome.

I was happy when my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Gibson, told me that even though I was the youngest child in the class (5 instead of 6), I was her best reader. I probably preened and irritated everyone because that’s the kind of kid I was. I sucked up compliments like a Dyson sucks up dirt.

I was happy when each professor I had in college asked if I were considering a major in his or her field. Well, each professor except the math professors, who tactfully pretended I didn’t exist. I don’t blame them. I suck at math.

I was happy when I graduated high school. I was over the moon happy when I graduated from university.

I was happy when I got cast in my first play in my 40s.

I was happy when, in my 2nd (and last) play, I could manipulate people and make them cry.

I was happy when I got married.

I was happy when I started work at CPS, and I was elated beyond all recognition to start my first job after leaving CPS, because there was no stress. Zero. It was what I needed at the time.

I was happy when I once again left the secretarial field to go to quality assurance, and now to operational controls.

I’m happy when I make art, and when I cook and bake, and when we have people over for dinner.

I’m happy when I spend time with my sister and my best friends.

I’m happy when my stepmonster hugs me and says, “juby” and I know that means to be careful because she loves me, even if she doesn’t say it very often.

I’m happy when I step on the scale and see another pound has gone, or when I try on an article of clothing and it looks beyond fantastic on me.

I like being happy.

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