Archive for November 17th, 2011

Not doing the prompt today because I didn’t like it. So I’ll tell you about my oh-so-adventurous day.

Joe got called out of town on an emergency project. We had a contractor coming over to the house this morning so he could get the info he needs to work up a bid. That means I had to miss work and go to the house to be there. It’s depressing being inside. It’s smelly, there’s stuff all over the place. Nothing like having your belongings picked through and scattered by other people, I’m telling ya. Now I’m back at the apartment, and I have to shower & wash my clothes because I stink from being in the house.

On the positive side, I was looking in our backyard. Joe hired some people to tear down the old falling-apart shed we had, and haul it and all the crap in it to the dump. Our backyard isn’t even recognizable. What a difference it makes, having that gone. Now you can just see the pretty green grass.

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