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Penn State

This has nothing to do with NaBloPoMo. This is something that is beyond serious, and that everyone needs to be aware of.

Sandusky is a child rapist. If reports of him having raped 11 children are true, then trust me–he’s raped far, far more than those 11 children.  Anyone who helped protect him, whether they “reported” the abuse or not, is as liable as Sandusky. The agony those children and their families have experienced, and continue to experience, rests on their shoulders as well.

The fact that he preyed upon boys does not mean anything other than he is a pedophile who prefers boys. So people talking about lesbian softball coaches or homosexual boy scout leaders are just stupid if they think homosexuality and pedophilia/hebephilia are the same thing. They are NOT.

Consenting adults, as far as I am concerned, can do whatever they want to do in their bedrooms. Not my business. They’re free to choose for themselves, and I couldn’t care less.  They can be gay, straight, bi–whatever. I don’t care. If they are responsible for themselves, and have the intellectual and emotional capacity to consent to what’s going on, more power to them.

A child cannot consent. A child does not have the knowledge and understanding the adult has. A child has no power over the adult. What an imbalance of power there is, and children trust the people who are responsible for them.  An adult can rape a child, and put the unholy fear of the lord in that child by threatening his/her family, or telling the child that no one would believe him/her, or that the adult will kill the child if s/he says anything. And children believe it. And they blame themselves for the sexual abuse.

I’m getting sick just writing this; watching the news has made me want to vomit. I don’t know how Paterno can live with the knowledge of what his lack of action made happen. How does he sleep at night? How did he manage to justify it in his mind?

For the record, in the state of Texas, anyone who has cause to suspect child abuse/neglect is legally required to make a report. If someone fails to act, and it is later proven that s/he had knowledge of said abuse or neglect, charges could be filed against that person.

But it should go beyond the law. Children cannot care for themselves. They need responsible and caring adults to look after their welfare. Don’t let shit like this happen to kids who have done nothing wrong. People who prey on those weaker than themselves rarely stop at one. And one should be enough to make us stand up and say, Enough. This must stop, and it must stop now.

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NaBloPoMo: November 10th, 2011

Finally! A good prompt!

Thursday, November 10, 2011
What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?

I have a lot of passions, both secret and un-.  Chaucer, for one. That’s one of the not-so-secret passions.

Slurpees, another un-.  And I will report that last week I achieved my goal of only 2 regular-sized slurpees. Yay!  And so far this week I’ve only had 1 regular sized slurpee. I actually bought a second one yesterday, but it tasted really nasty so I threw it away. Maybe today.

Clothes. I love, love, love clothes, shoes, handbags. I especially love the new Coach bag Joe got me for our 20th anniversary. And I love the purple boots I ordered yesterday, and I’ll love them even more when they get here and I find out they fit my fat calves. (crossing my fingers in hope). I also have a pair of ivory damask grannie boots that I simply adore.  Oh, and jewelry. They have such cute things at Forever 21, and they’re so nice and cheap I don’t even get cranky when they break. I love the new ring Joe got me for our 20th anniversary. And the Coach black leather gloves. Does my husband know me or what?

I’m a passionate reader. I buy at least a book a day, thanks to Barnes & Noble’s daily nookbook deal. Although I don’t always buy those, because romances, ugh. But I usually find an interesting book to add to my library for a couple of bucks. It’s what I’d spend on Starbucks if I were to go every day, which I don’t.

I’m passionately in love with my sister and our circle of friends. I feel really truly blessed to have such wonderful women in my life. Shoutout to: the incomparable Izzybella, Jehara, Amethyst, V, CC James, Sarah-bear, A-Banana.

I’m passionately fond of my little Emmylou-Who, aka Mrs. Wiggle-Squiggles, aka Stinker-butt, aka Cutie-butt.  She’s adorable. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, because she greets them so enthusiastically that her whole backside wiggles and squiggles with joy.

I’m passionate about writing, which beggars the question, why don’t I do it more regularly? I’ve got multiple book projects to work on, and all I do when I get home is sit around and read or play solitaire (double Klondike).

I’m passionate about cooking and baking. Love it. It really makes me happy. V asked if I would make vegan cupcakes for her baby shower in December. Yay! I get to bake cupcakes!  So I’ll be baking test batches this month to be sure I have the recipes down right. I’m thinking of doing red velvet and gingerbread, and V asked for green tea chai cupcakes. I have to bake 100. I also need to get a couple of platters to put them on. Those cute cupcake stands only hold a dozen or so, which isn’t going to help much.

My secret passions are, well, secret. They’re secret for a reason. So I won’t be sharing those here today.

What are some of your passions? Do share!

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