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Wowlie Wow Wow!

Man, when Sarah-bear and I go out to lunch, interesting things frequently happen. Like the infamous Slurpee incident from earlier this week. (BTW: Sarah-bear, you tattle-tale! “Hey, my name is Faith, and I’m a Slurpeeholic.” I was trying to be at least a little discrete there, but you outed me!)

Anyway, today was Wednesday.  When the planets align themselves just so, Wednesday lunch consists of splitting the cheese enchilada special at El Fenix and then stopping at 7-11 for Slurpees before returning to the office, where we spend the rest of the day in a soporific haze brought on by excessive carbs.

And Sarah-bear was driving today because there’s a short in the button that turns on the A/C in my car, and it’s been making me extremely cranky. As we’re driving down the road next to the restaurant after lunch on our way to 7-11, aka Slurpee Heaven, all of a sudden Sarah’s frantically turning the steering wheel and braking and screaming, and I’m screaming, and there’s a big-ass truck or SUV or something slamming on its brakes–the driver was in such a hurry to exit her restaurant that she didn’t bother to look and see whether anyone was already on the road. Man, I was 6 inches from getting crunched. I mean seriously crunched. I’d have broken my promise to Emmy to be home straight after work today. I’d have been in the hospital. Sarah thoroughly cussed out the driver of the other vehicle, and calmly proceeded to 7-11.

It took a few minutes, but we finally started breathing normally again, and I realized how close I’d come to getting crunched, and Sarah-bear, it’s okay that you outed me as a Slurpee addict, because you saved my life. Thank you. 

And, uh, we’re eating lunch at Cafe Yum tomorrow, because I am not risking another lunch away from the office this week. Except for Friday, because I get to leave early and won’t be here for lunch anyway.

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Window Shopping Again

I have no idea what my house will look like on the inside once it’s all mended. Probably ugly white walls, but they’ll be new ugly white walls, and there’s always paint. So I was journaling today about how I’d like to decorate my own living space (as apart from the family living space, because I have very quirky taste that my husband doesn’t always appreciate), and decided to do a little window shopping.

Avenue Six CVS72-P57 Curves Tufted Chaise Lounge - Purple Velvet

Check out this purple velvet chaise longue. Yes, it definitely fits into my living space.

Romantic Getaway with Four-Poster Bed in Berlin: Guestroom, four-poster bed at day-light: berlin germany bed & breakfasts berlin

And look at this gorgeous bed!

And some vibrant art

hanging on a deep purple wall

and mismatched dishes, where I’ve chosen each article because of how it sings to me.

Incense wafting through the air, giving a rich and mysterious aroma to my space.

I think I may be feeling the pull towards personalizing my space so strongly right now because of how generic things are at our apartment. The furniture is nice enough, but not my style. My dad and stepmonster kindly loaned us a couple of pieces of artwork, so that we’ve got something to look at besides bare walls, and they’re pretty, but not my style. And the bedding is downright ugly. So the only thing I can do right now is burn a stick of incense every now and again, when Joe’s not home, because if he’s home he either puts it out or puts on fans so the aroma goes away.

I lost a lot when I lost my home. I have a roof over my head, for which I truly am thankful. But I feel like I lost a lot of myself, and I want it back.

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