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Ten points if you know where the title comes from!****

So for weeks I’ve longingly looked at the autumn decorations in such stores as Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. I’ve petted some of the prettier ones. (I don’t know why I do that, I just do. My stepmonster has a table that I pet every time I’m at her house, because it’s so beautiful and feels so silky soft.)  And once in a while I’ve even gone so far as to turn the item over and see how much it costs.

But they never make it into my shopping cart. Because our house burned down. And we’re now living in a 1 bedroom apartment. And if I buy any Halloween decorations, my husband will be very put out. Not only about spending the money, but also about where the heck are we going to store them once Halloween is over.

So I mentioned this to Sarah-bear at lunch today, and she promptly offered to loan me some Halloween decorations because she has plenty. What a wonderful solution! Joe won’t be able to complain because I will neither be spending money nor trying to find storage space once the holiday has passed. Sanschu, Sarah-bear!

Ooh–just had a deliciously wicked thought. I’m gonna buy Emmylou a costume! mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Izzybella thinks it’s abominable for people to dress dogs, but I think it’s cute. Joe and I got Scout an adorable little jacket last year, because his hair was so short that he got cold very easily, but he ate it off of himself. Emmylou’s going to need a jacket and perhaps a raincoat, but the apartment will be warm enough we won’t need to keep it on her inside. But yeah, she’s gonna get a Halloween costume, and I’m going to put it on her, and take her picture, and post it on this blog, and there’s nothing Izzybella can do about it!!!!!!!

And hey, if anyone feels so moved to loan me Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring decorations, I will not say thee nay. Because we’ll definitely be in the apartment over Christmas, and if we’re still there when spring rolls back around, I shall not be surprised.

It makes me sad to think of Scout not being here with us, and Molly, for that matter, at Christmas time.  When Molly was an only dog, we got her a big stocking full of doggie toys every year.  On Christmas Eve we’d hang it from the mantel, and she would stare longingly at it. We let her have one toy on Christmas Eve, because when I was a kid my parents always let us open just one gift on Christmas Eve and it was cool, and then on Christmas morning we’d dump all the contents of the stocking onto the floor, and she would be seriously blissed out.  She’d always rip out the guts and puncture the squeaker on one toy, but over the next few days she carefully distributed the toys to her hiding places throughout the house.

When we adopted Scout, he was in a serious chewing phase, and bless his heart, and Molly’s too, for that matter, he destroyed all of her years’ worth of saved up toys in mere days. So when we let them have their stockings on Christmas, he would rapidly destroy all of his toys in succession. Molly got a little more aggressive with her own toys, because she knew if she didn’t, he’d get them.

I think last Christmas we just gave them each a toy at a time, so that we could drag it out a little bit longer.

This year will be our first Christmas both without Scout & Molly, and with Emmylou. She’ll get the stocking this year, and she’ll get a toy on Christmas Eve, and she’ll get the remainder dumped onto the floor on Christmas morning. Knowing her, the toys will not last long.

It’s actually very cute watching her play with the toys. One weekend I was sitting in the living room reading, and surreptitiously watching her. She went to her toy basket, got out a toy, and took it and placed it under the dining table. Then she got another toy out, and put it in the hall leading to the bathroom. Then she took another toy out and played with it. Very cute.

Going home from work yesterday was sad. I miss my little Scout boy so much. Knowing he’s gone makes our home so much more quiet, more empty, even though all he’s had the strength to do lately is sleep.  I’m glad he’s not suffering anymore, though. And Emmylou is resilient–I think she’ll be okay as an only dog.

Because right now I cannot bear to think of adopting another dog. Every moment I had with Stan and Molly and Scout is precious to remember, but the pain of losing them nigh unbearable. Emmylou is still just a puppy, and heaven willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll have her around for a good long time.



****Radiskull and the Devil Doll. And if you’ve never seen any of the Radiskull episodes, shame on you! Google and watch. Thank me later.


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