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Night One Down

We had company again to dinner last night. I’m training someone from out of state, and thought it would be nice to have him come to dinner.  And considering that it got things off Joe’s mind at least a little bit, I’m even more glad.  We had a pleasant evening.

Near the end of dinner, when J and I got to talking business, Emmylou insisted she had business of her own that needed to be taken care of. So Joe took the dogs out and was gone for a good 45 minutes. J and I were both dead on our feet, so he headed on back to the hotel and I started cleaning up. When Joe got back home with the dogs, he said that Scout was running around and playing and getting loves from all the other pets and their people, and seemed great.  Of course, he then went straight to his bed and flopped over like he’d just seen the end of a very long day.

This morning I managed to get my lazy tuchus out of bed early enough to enjoy a delicious warm morning beverage, walk the dogs, and get them fed. Feeding Emmylou is easy: open up a can of puppy food, put it on a plate, and let her have at it.  Feeding Scout is more difficult–he won’t eat the prescription dog food or the dry food or pretty much anything. But we gave him a little bit of chopped beef and some smashed potato and carrot. He ate all the beef and most of the vegetables. So if I have to buy a pot roast every week to get him to eat, then I’ll do it. I rinsed off the meat and veggies to try to eliminate as much of the salt as possible. And then he finished his breakfast with a shot of lactose-free Ensure. He had lost another 2 pounds from the time he left the vet. Scary.

Joe left to go out of town today; he’ll be back probably on Saturday. I’m just praying that if Scout is going to leave us, that he hang on until Joe’s back. Of course, I’m also hoping and praying that he’s not going to leave us anytime soon.

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