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Monday Joe and I went to see Transformers with my bestie Clover and her family.  As the trailers were playing, suddenly a familiar logo came on the screen and I gasped audibly. 

I’ve been diligently staying away from any photographs, trailers, snippets, interviews etc. until after I’ve seen the movie. So this was the first trailer I had seen for the last Harry Potter movie, and it was COOL!

Jehara is coming from Arizona, and D., Izzybella and I are all going to see the movie together. If you’re local and want to join us, please please please let me know!!!!  We’ve got a hotel room for Thursday night and Friday night. There will be British themed noshes, and everyone has to dress up, including the incomparable Izzybella who, despite being a fantabulous actor, dislikes dressing up.

I am going as Bellatrix. I have a cute black maxi from Torrid that has a skull near the bottom, and I’m going to get some accessories at Hot Topic, and try to figure out how to get a death eater henna tattoo on my forearm.

My name is Chauceriangirl, and I’m a dork.


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When was the last time you tried something new? What was it and what was the result? Have you ever done something just so that you could blog about it?

 One of my personal quirks is that I will go all out in studying a subject, read everything in sight, study voraciously–and then I’m done with it. So I’m always trying new things, and it’s really fun.  I get a little embarrassed when my enthusiasm is over, but I’ve never figured out how to deal with it. And at least while my ardor for whatever I’m studying is finite, at least I’m learning and studying new things.

As far as the third question, I’m sure I have done something just so I could blog about it, but I honestly don’t recall what it would have been.  There was a blog I was reading several years ago where the blogger was doing something new every day, and it was absolutely fascinating. Made me want to try it, but I never did get there.

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