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I have two pairs of jeans that are exactly the same, except that one is a larger size and the other is a smaller size. The larger size are the pair that didn’t stand up when I did the other day.

Guess which pair I accidentally put on this morning.

And my bright red shirt, worn in honour of Independence Day, is cut a little funky, and my white bra is peeping out. I do have bras in an array of colours, but so far the colours are white, black, beige, hot pink, and turquoise. I do not yet have a bright red bra. I think I need one. 

So I’ll spend the day tugging up my pants every time I stand up, and tugging my shirt to try to minimize showing off my bright white bra.

Of course, the colours today are red , white, and blue, so maybe I can pretend that I planned it that way.


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Summer Camp! Woohoo!

Calliope is sponsoring a summer camp for us bloggers who are fortunate enough to attend.  Wait a sec–anyone can attend, because this is a virtual summer camp!  So with no further ado, here is my contribution for day one.

Provide a photo or sketch or dramatic rendering of the space where you normally blog.

I actually would provide photos except my cell phone, which I completely love in all other respects, takes absolutely crappy photographs.  

So I’ll tell you about it.  My desk at work is usually pretty neat, except when I’m in the middle of a project.  Along the ledge of my cube, on one side is a reminder to pray often, a cutout plaque of my name, and a cutout plaque with the word Blessings.  On the other side is an alien I got from Roswell riding the back of a dinosaur, going head to head with a t-rex with nakey emperor in his mouth.

On to the “walls” of my cube: One side has a star with my name and some magnetic poetry taped on it with words that I either think describe myself or that I like: work together, imagine, dream, snow, rain, beautiful, believe, give, warm, happy, woman, gentle, heart, spring, grow, blossom. There is a heart-shaped ornament with my name engraved on it. A small victorian-style frame with a picture of Izzybella as a baby. A page from my Italian phrase-a-day calendar — Fa troppo caldo!, which means it’s too damn hot!  There is the program from Chase’s funeral with his beautiful face on it. There is a strawberry shortcake character doll that I got the day Izzybella and I went to McDonald’s in honour of our sister Alicia. A darling little white angel holding a white puppy, with the words “puppy kisses” written on its wings. On the other side there is a Wayne Gretzky quotation I love (“You miss 100% of all the shots you don’t take) and a quotation from Labyrinth that I love (“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City . . . for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great. You have no power over me!) with a photo of the luscious David Bowie playing Jareth, the Goblin King.  There are some postcards from Germany that Joe got me when he was there several months ago.

Now to what’s on my desk: a mad professor toy that you can squeeze and his eyes will pop out. A coffee mug with a purple top and purple thing to hold it so you don’t burn your hands. A frame with a photo of my sister Alicia and her daughter.  One of those cool cups that looks like a throwaway cup only it isn’t, sitting on a stoneware coaster with a Tuscan theme. A bighead Wonder Woman doll (because I am Wonder Woman). A stapler. My Italian phrase-a-day calendar (Today’s phrase: Come desidera, which means “as you wish,” and I’m imagining the Dread Pirate Roberts saying “Come desidera” as he rolls down the hill, at which Princess Buttercup launches herself down the hill as well). A small Liberty Bell Joe brought me from Philadelphia. A tiny nativity scene with them under a palm tree instead of in the manger. My telephone. A heart-shaped tin from Brighton with cough lozenges in it. A calculator. A fan. A gorgeous paperweight with the reminder to pray. A pack of gum. A can of nuts. A candle with phrases about Faith. My keys. A toile box with coloured markers in it. A mostly empty box of Kleenex. A commemorative mug celebrating William & Catherine’s wedding. A mug I got the night Izzybella and I went to see Wicked. A small tin with a bindi in it. Two spoons. A pair of earrings. A box with all of my pens, pencils, highlighters, rubber bands, paper clips, and clamps in it. A small stuffed Buffalo that I got, well, in Buffalo. And a bottle of rubbing alcohol (this really should be in my desk, and it’s going there as soon as I finish this entry). There’s also, of course, my mouse pad, and a purple wrist rest, and right now there are two binders, a stack of papers, a purple folder, a purple ruler, a pencil, a pen, and a highlighter. Oh, and my headset.  And a lucky penny taped to a lucky fortune that says “Your present plans will be successful.”  I mean, I couldn’t get rid of that, now could I?  Oh, and a book that Izzybella loaned me that I’ve read and need to take home so I can give it back to her.  And three notes scribbled on sticky pads, and one mostly empty sticky pad.  And a piece of paper with some info I use every day so it’s on top of my desk.  And a Kleenex.   And a small tube of antibacterial hand lotion and some antibacterial hand foam.

Wow. That sounds majorly messy, and yet it’s really not.  As I said, when I’m not in the middle of a project, it actually remains quite tidy and uncluttered.

And in case you missed him before, here is a photo of nakey emperor, who is currently being munched on by my t-rex.

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