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I’m doing better today, which is nice. I hate feeling sick and tend to get rather whiney about it.

Still have lots to do, especially due to getting behinder than I already was thanks to feeling puny for a couple of days, so it should be a very busy weekend.

Thanks for the good thoughts. 🙂

In other fronts, remember when I said I was going to go for several months without buying new shoes?  Um, I’ve already bought 2 or 3 pairs since then and show no signs of stopping. Like, I got a $10 coupon from DSW, and when I got there they were giving something like 500 bonus points if you bought certain brands of shoes. And Madden Girl was one of the brands, and I had my eye on a particular pair anyway, so it would have just been silly not to buy them. And I found some great fuschia pumps at Marshall’s for only $20, and they totally rock, so it would have just been silly not to buy them.  As soon as my husband gets home with the camera, I shall declare a shoe week and post photos of all of my lovely, lovely shoes. Although considering how many I have, it may have to be a shoe fortnight.

Hi. My name is Faith, and I’m a shoe-a-holic.

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