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No Panic!

I don’t like being in crowds of people. I find it very stressful and panic-attack-inducing. So what happened Saturday is like a miracle.

I left the pedicure place feeling great, and wanted to go out with my husband, since he was leaving town the next day.  And I thought it’d be fun to do something different. I picked him up at home and started driving toward Dallas. When he asked me where we were going, I said I had no idea. So my husband directed me to the Dallas House of Blues.  We found out John Oliver was going to be there that evening, and bought tickets. Then we meandered over to Hard Rock Cafe for a really delicious meal.

There weren’t crowds of people, but there were enough there that I would normally feel less than comfortable.  But this time I was just calm and happy, enjoying the time with my husband, and laughing my butt off. John Oliver is hilarious, and if you get the opportunity to go see him, I really recommend it.

Anyway, it’s got me wondering whether I can actually start getting out more, going to concerts, going dancing, etc. I’m hoping!

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