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Today at work I was simultaneously wearing a pair of slightly too small underwear underneath a pair of quite too large jeans.  So while I was walking around my underwear would roll down totally off my butt and start heading as far down my legs as it possibly could. Perhaps, then, it’s a good thing that my pants were much too large, so no one could easily tell that I was having underwear problems.

I stopped on the way home to buy two more pairs of these jeans in the next two sizes. My boss swears the 18’s will fit, but I am a skeptic. I bought a pair of 18’s and a pair of 20’s (I hate trying on clothes).  If the 20’s end up being too big, I’ll just take them back and do a happy dance.

Now I don’t normally allow myself to buy clothes that are much too small, in the plans of getting into them.  I’m a clothes horse, and know that I will always be able to find cute clothes.  BUT: there is the cutest Rodarte dress at Target, and I bought one.  Because while it is true that I will always be able to find cute clothes, they won’t necessarily be $40 Rodarte dresses.  I bought the largest one, of course, but it’ll still likely take me a year to get into it. And that’s okay. Because it’s Rodarte. And it’s gorgeous.

Rodarte® for Target® Juniors Crepe Lace Print Dress - Oxford Tan/Black : Target

Changing the subject:  I have to be at work at 4 a.m. tomorrow, and one day next week. 4 frickin’ a.m., when daylight savings time just started and I’m already a zombie.  Yes, of course I get to leave as soon as my 8 hours are up, but still.  If I didn’t really love my job, I’d be complaining a whole lot more!  Fortunately, though, I have a great job and I love the people I get to work with.

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