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Scrambled Eggs

“Scrambled eggs, oh, my baby, how I love your legs. . . .”

Did you know that those were the beginning of the working lyrics for the song “Yesterday”?  Yeah, they were. Seriously. 

I love scrambled eggs. But since my surgery, unless they’re soft scrambled, I can’t eat them. Two or three bites, no matter how thoroughly I chew, end up getting stuck.  I wasn’t quite sure how to describe the sensation when something gets stuck, but Gypsy Grrl had it. It feels like a rod going down the center of your chest. It’s not a stabbing pain. Just that rod that sits there immovable until whatever got stuck is able to go through.

Fortunately I have only found two food items that, for me, get stuck, hard scrambled eggs being one of them.  So good-bye, hard scrambled eggs, I really will miss your legs!!

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