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I just updated my books read page. I’m merging 2010 with 2011 because I don’t remember which books I read this year and which I read the end of last year. 

The awesome Jehara has started a new book blog, and I am honoured that she asked me to be one of the contributors to it.  So instead of reviewing any books here, I’ll be posting two reviews a month there.  So plan to visit us at Quirky Girls Read and check things out!

Now it’s getting on towards my bedtime; my back is hurting; a winter storm is blowing in.  It’s a two-dog night, and fortunately I have two dogs.  So I’m going to hunker down, read until I fall asleep, and hope for a snow day tomorrow.

(Oh, and one last thing that’s completely unrelated to books. I’ve never listened to the Black Eyed Peas before, but for some reason last week I got one of their CD’s.  I like it. I bought another one today.  Great music, but it gives me a headache if I listen too long.)


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