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One month later

One month later, I have lost 34 pounds from the highest I’ve ever weighed. The clothes that fit me pre-surgery are baggy, and some jeans even fall down on my hips so low that they’re barely hanging off my butt. My face has more definition again, and I’m looking better with my hair pulled up. I love having long hair, but I also love pulling it out of my way during the day. Lately my face was so fat that I just looked like a massive blob of fat. I ended up leaving it down most of the time because I felt so self-conscious.

I’m glad I did this. To anyone who says that I took the easy way out, well, you’re entitled to your opinions. It’s not necessarily easy. I’ve got a tool, and it definitely helps me, but I still control what I put into my mouth. Today it was eggs, baby food bananas, baby food chicken & veggies, mashed potatoes, and a delicious ounce of tuna fish that WASN’T pureed beyond recognition! Yay! I get to add in one new solid food item every day. When you had 5 weeks of liquids, then 2 weeks of baby food, getting to eat a little solid food is exciting beyond all recognition. 🙂


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