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Not all baby food is created equal.

Pureed green beans? Surprisingly not bad, especially with a little salt & pepper.
Pureed chicken & rice? Again, surprisingly not bad, especially with a little salt & pepper.
Pureed baby food oatmeal with fruit? Pretty good.
Pureed banana orange fruit? Downright delicious.

BUT (dunh dunh dunh)

Pureed mac & cheese with vegetables? Nasty. With a little salt & pepper? Still nasty. With a teeny pinch of shredded 2% cheese? Still nasty. I did manage to eat it last night, but I will not be eating the remaining containers of that vile concoction.

Pureed sweet potatoes & corn? Oh my goodness, even worse than the wretchedly bad mac & cheese. I couldn’t eat it. Scout was thrilled, trust me, as he licked the container clean.

BUT THEN (dunh dunh dunh)

My usually sweet husband made me scrambled egg whites with a pinch of cheese for breakfast this morning, and it was delicious.

I’ll get through this just as I got through the 5 weeks of liquids, and I’ll be a better person for it. (ha!) Okay, I’ll be a slimmer, healthier person for it.

But no more sweet potatoes & corn, and no more mac & cheese with veggies. If I want pureed mac & cheese, I’ll turn to my handy dandy box of Kraft and puree it in my own dang blender. I’m just sayin’.

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