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Mmmmm…Baby Food!

Yes, I’m still here, still hanging on. I started back to work this week, although I’m kinda tired when I get home.

Good news: I got moved off the QA team and onto a new compliance team, and I get to keep my totally awesome boss. I’m actually doing the same thing I’ve been doing, so there’s not really any changes as far as my day to day duties go.

Good news: I lost 25 pounds since starting the liquid diet 5 weeks ago.

Good news: I got to start eating again today. Whee!! I had baby food oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, and since they pureed the heck out of it, it didn’t taste slimy and nasty. And I had baby food chicken & rice and baby food green beans for lunch; it was decent with a little salt and pepper. So 2 weeks of baby food/pureed foods, and then I get to start slowly adding in unpureed foods.

Good news: My blood pressure’s down.

So, life is good, and I’m truckin’ along. Got a book to write, and that’s my big focus now that things have settled down again.

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