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I just updated my books read page. I’m merging 2010 with 2011 because I don’t remember which books I read this year and which I read the end of last year. 

The awesome Jehara has started a new book blog, and I am honoured that she asked me to be one of the contributors to it.  So instead of reviewing any books here, I’ll be posting two reviews a month there.  So plan to visit us at Quirky Girls Read and check things out!

Now it’s getting on towards my bedtime; my back is hurting; a winter storm is blowing in.  It’s a two-dog night, and fortunately I have two dogs.  So I’m going to hunker down, read until I fall asleep, and hope for a snow day tomorrow.

(Oh, and one last thing that’s completely unrelated to books. I’ve never listened to the Black Eyed Peas before, but for some reason last week I got one of their CD’s.  I like it. I bought another one today.  Great music, but it gives me a headache if I listen too long.)

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One month later

One month later, I have lost 34 pounds from the highest I’ve ever weighed. The clothes that fit me pre-surgery are baggy, and some jeans even fall down on my hips so low that they’re barely hanging off my butt. My face has more definition again, and I’m looking better with my hair pulled up. I love having long hair, but I also love pulling it out of my way during the day. Lately my face was so fat that I just looked like a massive blob of fat. I ended up leaving it down most of the time because I felt so self-conscious.

I’m glad I did this. To anyone who says that I took the easy way out, well, you’re entitled to your opinions. It’s not necessarily easy. I’ve got a tool, and it definitely helps me, but I still control what I put into my mouth. Today it was eggs, baby food bananas, baby food chicken & veggies, mashed potatoes, and a delicious ounce of tuna fish that WASN’T pureed beyond recognition! Yay! I get to add in one new solid food item every day. When you had 5 weeks of liquids, then 2 weeks of baby food, getting to eat a little solid food is exciting beyond all recognition. 🙂

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On the Other Hand,

Stage 3 baby food lasagna is pretty dang tasty. Okay, yeah, a little packet of salt helped. But there was flavour. Nice.

I was craving mashed potatoes yesterday, and went home to ask Joe if he’d make some. (Yes, I’m perfectly capable of making delicious mashed potatoes, but if you’ve ever tasted Joe’s, you know why I asked him.) Alas, he’d already prepared dinner. He heated some canned chicken with a little cream of chicken soup and some garlic powder, and pureed it, along with a little box of baby food green beans, in my handy dandy Black & Decker little food processor thingie. That was really tasty.

And I don’t get mashed potatoes over the weekend, because he’s going out of town for work. Maybe when he gets home…

No complaints, though. I can have a cup of pintos ‘n’ cheese from Taco Bell. Plenty of fiber and protein.

I’m really looking forward to the day when I can go to Mi Pueblo and get a shredded chicken soft taco. A mere $2 will fill me up and it’s so tasty!! A few more weeks away, though, I’m afraid.

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Not all baby food is created equal.

Pureed green beans? Surprisingly not bad, especially with a little salt & pepper.
Pureed chicken & rice? Again, surprisingly not bad, especially with a little salt & pepper.
Pureed baby food oatmeal with fruit? Pretty good.
Pureed banana orange fruit? Downright delicious.

BUT (dunh dunh dunh)

Pureed mac & cheese with vegetables? Nasty. With a little salt & pepper? Still nasty. With a teeny pinch of shredded 2% cheese? Still nasty. I did manage to eat it last night, but I will not be eating the remaining containers of that vile concoction.

Pureed sweet potatoes & corn? Oh my goodness, even worse than the wretchedly bad mac & cheese. I couldn’t eat it. Scout was thrilled, trust me, as he licked the container clean.

BUT THEN (dunh dunh dunh)

My usually sweet husband made me scrambled egg whites with a pinch of cheese for breakfast this morning, and it was delicious.

I’ll get through this just as I got through the 5 weeks of liquids, and I’ll be a better person for it. (ha!) Okay, I’ll be a slimmer, healthier person for it.

But no more sweet potatoes & corn, and no more mac & cheese with veggies. If I want pureed mac & cheese, I’ll turn to my handy dandy box of Kraft and puree it in my own dang blender. I’m just sayin’.

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Mmmmm…Baby Food!

Yes, I’m still here, still hanging on. I started back to work this week, although I’m kinda tired when I get home.

Good news: I got moved off the QA team and onto a new compliance team, and I get to keep my totally awesome boss. I’m actually doing the same thing I’ve been doing, so there’s not really any changes as far as my day to day duties go.

Good news: I lost 25 pounds since starting the liquid diet 5 weeks ago.

Good news: I got to start eating again today. Whee!! I had baby food oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, and since they pureed the heck out of it, it didn’t taste slimy and nasty. And I had baby food chicken & rice and baby food green beans for lunch; it was decent with a little salt and pepper. So 2 weeks of baby food/pureed foods, and then I get to start slowly adding in unpureed foods.

Good news: My blood pressure’s down.

So, life is good, and I’m truckin’ along. Got a book to write, and that’s my big focus now that things have settled down again.

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