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I’ve been sleeping on the sofa for the last week or so. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it suffices.   The only way Joe and I can comfortably sleep together is if we were on a king-sized mattress (or larger), and there’s no room in our house for a king-sized bed.  And he’s been working such insane hours I figure he deserves the comfort of the bed.

Anyway, since I’ve been sleeping on the sofa, every morning I have waken up with a tennis ball either in my arms or next to my head.  I was a little puzzled, because I’m not in the habit of snuggling up to tennis balls.  I snuggle up to my husband, and I snuggle up to my dogs, and I even snuggle up to Chase’s hoodie that Clover so graciously gave me.  But tennis balls?  Not so much.

I think I’ve figured it out, though.  I made sure last night that there were no balls on or in the sofa.  Just me, a pillow, and a cover.  Once again, sure enough, I woke up with a tennis ball in my arms.

I think it’s Molly.  I’ve seen her bring us balls or treats that she wants to trade what we’re eating, and I think she’s bringing me tennis balls (her favourite toys) to keep me company during the night.  And I think that’s really sweet and super smart of her.

She’s a border collie, and she’s incredibly smart.  Like if she has to pee in the house when no one’s home? She does it on the bathroom floor, because we pee in the bathroom. She can’t quite manage the toilet, but the bathroom floor is the obvious choice.

I mentioned her trading toys or treats for what we’re eating–she doesn’t do it too often, but every now and then one of us will be eating something she considers particularly delectable.  She’ll go get a tennis ball or a rawhide, drop it at our feet, and gaze at us expectantly. I can easily resist the pleading imploring looks, as either dog could tell you, but smarts I find irresistible.

I love my babies.

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