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I usually vote early, but with one thing and another (aka, coming out of a severe depression) didn’t get around to it.  No problem, I thought, thought I, I’ll just vote on Election Day.

Election Day rolls around. I didn’t have time to vote before work because I have to be at work at 7:30 and I work a fair distance from home.  Normally I would have voted anyway, and stayed late at work to make up my time, but I had an appointment with my therapist after work.  Still, no problem, I thought, thought I, I’ll get home from therapy in time to vote.

I get out of therapy at 6 p.m. I’m in Dallas, mind you, well, Carrollton, which is Dallas in my point of view although the Carrolltonians and Dallasites may differ, and I walk to my car and lo! I had a flat tire.

No problem, I thought, thought I; there was a Firestone less than a block away. They could fix my flat and I’d get to the polling place by the seat of my pants, but I’d get there in time to vote.

Alas. It wasn’t to be. There was a huge nail in my tire, and it had gotten all twisted up, and apparently there was enough damage that the tire was not fixable. So I had to get it replaced. I also learned that there’s a bolt loose in my rack & pinion and I have to go back (or go somewhere) and have it tightened so my rack & pinion doesn’t come loose and fall out of my car while I’m driving down the freeway at 70 miles an hour.  They couldn’t fix that last night because they closed at 7.  Anyway, it was 8:00 before I got home.

The moral of this story, for those of us who live in Texas, is to vote early, because you never know what kinds of trauma may await you on Election Day.

N.B. — I’m not complaining here.  I’m very grateful that if I were going to have a flat tire, it would happen less than a block from a tire place, particularly given that my husband is in Germany and my sister is on a Caribbean cruise.

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