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Breathing is nice. It keeps you, you know, alive and stuff.

This morning I went and got my hair coloured and cut, and while there I asked my stylist if she would just pin it up to get it off my neck. One of the downsides to growing out  my hair, all the neck sweat. She gave me a really cute updo and didn’t charge any extra for it. Have I mentioned I adore my colourist & stylist? They’re really great.

And there wasn’t a line at the threading kiosk, so I got my eyebrows and lips threaded. Owie. That’s all to say about that.

And as I walked through the mall to get to my car, I passed Buckle, Joe’s favourite store. Well, that’s not quite true. I didn’t pass it. I stopped and bought him a cool shirt and a ring for myself. I have a thing for rings that have the elasticky bands so I can wear them on my thumbs or my pinkies.

Then the place that had me so stressed I could hardly breathe: the bridal store.  See, I knew that there was no way that my dress would zip, even with any alterations the tailor could do, but they insisted that maybe it just needed two people to zip it for me. Yeah. Turns out I was right. So I asked if I was stuck with it (they have an all-sales-final policy), and the owner very sympathetically said that they special ordered it for me. I said I understood, and she said that she wishes she could do a swap but they didn’t have any dresses in my size in the store in the right colour. So I eagerly told her that I’d already talked with the bride about it, and that if I couldn’t get something in a similar shade, the bride was okay with my wearing something cream coloured. Turns out they had a dress in my size in a similar shade, but browner. The original dress is kind of a pinky dusty rose; this other dress is kind of a brownish rose. And it fits. It zipped up, a little snugly, but not painfully, and is strapless but has a high enough back that I can get some of those high waisted Sp.anx to wear under it. It’ll need a hem, but that’s the extent of alterations.  I need to go, therefore to LB and buy some Sp.anx and then to DSW to get a pair of shoes. I’ll go to the tailor Monday to get it pinned up for the hemming.

Honestly? I’m very relieved. I actually like this dress much more than the other, and may not put it up on E-Bay right away. Maybe I’ll make Joe get dressed up and take me to the Bass to see the symphony or a play or something, and we’ll be posh. And I was prepared to suck up the loss on the other dress and still go to Pe.nneys to buy another dress, so even if this dress cost less than the other, I don’t consider that I’m out any money at all.

Next in my day: Lunch with the family. We didn’t do breakfast today because of my needing to get to the salon when I did, so we’re having lunch instead. And then I’m going to go see a movie, whether Joe wants to join me or not. And then I’m going to take a nice long soak in the tub and read a trashy novel. Um, probably Boccaccio, because I don’t read contemporary trashy novels. And Boccaccio’s book isn’t a novel, per se, but it’s definitely trashy.  I don’t feel it would be wise to try to read my Nook in the tub, alas.  Okay, so after the soak, I’ll watch something on DVD and go to bed nice and earlyish.

This next week will be busy. Second sleep study on Monday night (the question du jour: Will chauceriangirl be able to sleep with a CPAP  mask unlike the other times she’s tried to do so). Go to the tailor Monday right after work. Pack for the trip and load up the car on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning: labwork at the doctor’s office; dogs to the kennel; drive to Roswell. I plan to spend the day Friday at the UFO Museum and then the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roswell before going to the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Saturday, of course, will be spent getting myself beautified and dressed for the wedding, then completing my matron of honourly activities for the bride. The wedding is that evening, and then the reception of course follows. Joe and I will have to leave the reception fairly earlyish because of the whole driving back to Fort Worth on Sunday. Then another doctor appointment Monday afternoon to get psychiatric clearance for the lap band surgery. That should complete everything the surgeon & insurance company requires, so my surgeon can submit everything to get approval.  Depending on the timing, it could be as early as August, although I think September is more likely.

Joe got home from Vegas last night. He’d gone to see a couple of shows while he was out there, including Cirque du Soleil’s Love. He thoughtfully got me a souvenir book, the documentary on the making of, and the soundtrack on CD. I now officially want to go to Vegas to see it. It looks amazing!!!

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Peace out.

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