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Checking In

I have to say that I am enjoying the Plinky prompts.  Most days, right now, that’s the only thing that gets a post over here. I’m keeping myself busy with work, home, writing project, etc.

So here are some random nuggets of wisdom I’d like to share with you:

  • If you have weak, puny fingernails, try taking some biotin once a day. It really does strengthen your nails. I put it to the test–took biotin daily for a couple of weeks, noticed how my nails were behaving, and then quit taking it for a month. During the month I quit taking it, all of my nails ripped right off.  Trust me when I tell you that I’m back to taking it daily, and enjoying having stronger nails. Now if I could only figure out how to keep nail polish from chipping in fewer than 24 hours, I’d be even happier.
  • If you haven’t checked out “Huge” on ABC Family yet, I’d really encourage you to do so. It’s only two episodes in, and I’m really enjoying it in a very uncomfortable sort of way.  If you don’t have cable, fear not–you can watch it on Hulu.  It stars Nikki Blonsky as a very rebellious camper at a fat camp run by Gina Torres who’s turning in a stellar performance as a tight-wound presumably former fatty, who maintains her healthy weight with some seriously stringent rules and routines.  I really admire all of the actors, because I can tell you know that there’s no way I’d be comfortable walking around in a bathing suit and letting it all hang out. The show could be played for campy humour, but it’s not.  It’s dark, with definite funny moments, but plenty of pathos too.   Be careful, though–if you have any binge eating tendencies, the first episode could lead to a binge. The second shouldn’t; at least it didn’t for me.
  • I’m still really grooving on my Nook.  I had to go to Barnes & Noble on Tuesday to figure out how to upload free books. For the curious, do a search for $0.00, and it will bring up a list of nearly 100,000 books available for nothing.  You can narrow the search by entering a title or author name after the $0.00, if you don’t have the time or inclination to go through such a long list. Me, I think it’s kinda cool to see what awesome things are available that I wouldn’t know to look for.
  • Last weekend was movie weekend. I saw Eclipse with Izzy & Clover, and then a few days later with Joe, much to my surprise. And I saw The Last Airbender and was one of the minority who enjoyed it. It’s nowhere near as complex as the cartoon series, and I was continually irritated by Shyamalan’s decision to slightly change the names for no apparent reason. However, I very much liked the actors playing Katara, Prince Zuko, and Prince Zuko’s uncle. They did a decent job. I also liked the frequent complicated interactions with Ang and Prince Zuko. And then Joe and I went to see Prince of Persia, a total cheese-fest. Fortunately, Joe and I like us the cheese.
  • This weekend may also be a movie weekend. There are still a handful of movies I’d like to see. If Joe ends up staying out in Vegas/California this weekend, maybe I’ll spend Saturday at the movies.
  • I saw a scary movie last night on Netflix, Session 9.  It was nicely done, relying not on barrels of blood to scare people, but instead turning to the interactions of the characters, the personality–for there was a very strong one indeed–of the one-time sanitarium that was being ridded of asbestos, and audio recordings of an interview with a deceased patient. I like me a good scary movie, as long as there aren’t buckets of blood.
  • The Harry Potter trailer gave me a serious case of the squees!  If anyone wants to join me and the incomparable Izzybella at midnight opening night for the penultimate movie, we’d love to have you join us.  For the final film, GypsyGrrl is coming out from Maryland, and Jehara is coming out from Arizona, and we’re going to have a serious movie-watching party and a staying-up-all-night-rehashing-everything-party. Costumes are required for the last movie. I’m talking to you, Izzybella!
  • I’ve had Shutter Island in my Netflix queue for a while now, but after hearing some co-workers discussing it at work, went ahead and rented it from the Redbox so I can watch it tonight without having to wait.

And that’s enough of me blathering on about movies and fingernails and fat camp. Peace out.


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